Road hog Idiom Meaning, Usage With Examples

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Road hog

The ‘Road Hog’ idiom is used to describe someone who drives selfishly or inconsiderately, taking more space on streets while driving or riding vehicles and not showing consideration for other commuters. A person can be addressed as a road hog if they tends to drive aggressively, change lanes abruptly, tailgate or engage in activities that are against road safety and not pleasant to others.

The term road hog emphasizes the idea of someone who behaves as if they own the road and disregards the safety and rights of others on the road.

Usage With Examples

The phrase road hog can be used in numerous ways to describe someone’s rush behaviour in doing an activity. The usage of this term is not limited to driving recklessly only. Here are some of the examples where this term has been used, giving you an idea about its appropriate use.

  • ‘The professor told all the students to not be road hogs and always be courteous to fellow students and share the class resources responsibly.’
  • ‘I reached late to the office because there was a road hog who was disturbing the entire traffic on the street.’
  • ‘There’s a campaign regarding driving carefully on highways, as there are road hogs who weave in and out of traffic recklessly.’
  • ‘One should have patience when dealing with road hogs as they always drive recklessly and aggressively, which might hurt them and others as well.’
  • ‘The local police have increased their patrolling to catch road hogs and issued citations to those who engage in dangerous driving behaviours.’

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Road Hog Idiom Similar Words

The term ‘Road Hog’ has a lot of similar words and terms that can be used interchangeably. Here are some of the common synonyms that you can consider.

  • Automobilist
  • Motorist
  • Chauffeur
  • Operator
  • Coachman

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Road Hog Idiom Quiz

I had a nerve-wracking experience the other day when a road hog suddenly

  1. Made a cut in front of me without any signal
  2. Made a U-turn with a signal
  3. Stopped on the red light

Ans. Made a cut in front of me without any signal.

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This was all about the road hog idiom with examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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