Crocodile Tears Idiom Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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Crocodile Tears idiom meaning

The meaning of the idiom Crocodile tears is when someone fakes his/her tears. He/She is just pretending and is not actually sad about something.

Crocodile tears is a phrase that dates back to 1400. Crocodiles were usually supposed to shed tears in order to attract prey or in response to their own violence. Crocodile tears are an expression of fake remorse or grief.

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Usage with Examples

Mentioned below are the examples where you can use the idiom crocodile tears:

  • When my son does not get what he wants, he cries crocodile tears. It works every time.
  • Let’s have no more politicians shedding crocodile tears for the unemployed.
  • The woman cried crocodile tears at the news.
  • Your crocodile tears fool nobody.
  • Don’t soften your heart; he was shedding crocodile tears.

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Synonyms and Similar Words to Crocodile Tears

Mentioned below are the synonyms of Crocodile tears:

  • Affected tears
  • Fake tears
  • False show of emotions
  • Insincere tears

Crocodile Tears Idiom Meaning Quiz

The sight of George shedding crocodile tears made me sick. What is the meaning of the idiom crocodile tears here?

  • Fake tears
  • Real tears
  • Tears of pleasure

Ans: Fake tears

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