Adverb for Good: Meaning, Picture & Example Sentences 

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Adverb for Good: Some common synonyms which can be used in place of good are better, wisely, sensibly etc. However, many adjectives can be converted using -ly, the word good doesn’t have any adverbial form as such. Moreover, the word well can be used to express the adjective good. Continue reading the blog article below and uncover more about adverbs for good adjectives. 

Which Type of Adverb for Good is?

The word “good” is an adverb of manner to describe it specifically. The adverbs of manner are used to describe how something happens. Simply put, it can be understood as how something is done. 

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9+ Synonyms of Adverb for Good

Some common synonyms of adverbs for good are listed below: 

  1. Better
  2. Wisely
  3. Properly
  4. Most well
  5. Sensibly 
  6. Suitable
  7. Logically
  8. Smartly
  9. Greatly
  10. Skillfully
  11. Intensely
  12. Markedly
  13. Exceptionally
  14. Rationally
  15. Intensely

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Picture for Adverb for Good 

Adverb for Good

Usage and Examples of Adverbs for Good 

Here are examples of adverbs that modify the adjective “good”:

  1. Very good: The meal was very good.
  2. Surprisingly good: The movie turned out to be surprisingly good.
  3. Consistently good: The restaurant always delivers consistently good food.
  4. Unbelievably good: Her performance in the play was unbelievably good.
  5. Incredibly good: The cake tasted incredibly good.
  6. Remarkably good: He has a remarkably good memory.
  7. Truly good: Their intentions are truly good.
  8. Exceptionally good: The team played exceptionally good defence.
  9. Astonishingly good: The results of the experiment were astonishingly good.
  10. Positively good: The feedback from the customers was positively good.

Adverb for Good Practice Quiz!

Pick the correct synonym for good from the options listed below: 

  • Poorly
  • Merrily
  • Well

Answer: Well

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This was all about the Averbs for Good with its numerous synonyms, examples, pictures and quizzes. I hope you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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