A Blessing in Disguise Meaning, Examples, Synonyms

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A Blessing in Disguise Meaning

A very commonly used idiom in the English language is “a blessing in disguise”. The meaning of a blessing in disguise is a good outcome in a very bad situation. People generally prefer to use this in a situation where there is an occurrence of something bad but there is a positive result of it.

It was originally derived from a hymn “Since All the Downward Tracts of Time” and from a printed copy of “ Reflections on a flower-garden. In a letter to a lady” in the year 1746.

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Usage With Examples

A Blessing in disguise is a very commonly used idiom in daily life to express that there is something good, referring to a blessing that has come out from a situation of misfortune (disguise). 

People may use this idiom to express their enthusiasm for something that is good in a very bad situation. These are some of the references, where a blessing in disguise meaning can be used:

  1. Leaving this job is a blessing in disguise as finally, I can join my family business.
  2. Missing that flight proved to be a blessing in disguise as It crashed two hours later.
  3. Meeting you was only a blessing in disguise through these tough situations. 

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Other than using “A blessing in disguise”, there are some synonyms that can be used in a similar situation;

  1. Miracle
  2. Masterpiece
  3. The silver lining
  4. Stroke of luck
  5. A Fortunate event

A Blessing in Disguise Meaning Quiz

What is the antonym of “a blessing in disguise”?

  • Misfortune in disguise
  • Boon in disguise
  • Miracle
  • Masterpiece

The answer to this question is Misfortune in disguise.

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This was all about the idiom a blessing in disguise meaning and examples. Hope you understood the concept where it’s used. For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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