What if Ross Studied at IIM Ahmedabad?

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What if Ross Studied at IIM Ahmedabad?

Admit it or not, everything from the evergreen sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S has aged fine like wine, except for its iconic characters viz. Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe. These characters have given us some amazing lines that are hard to forget. But whose lines come to your mind when you talk about the most gullible Friends cast? You may have as many guesses as you wish. Till then, how about considering our PhD holder Paleontologist cum professor Ross Geller? 

Ross and his love for dinosaurs is known to everyone. But, imagine what would happen if he chose to pursue a career in management and joined the premiere management institute in India, i.e. IIM Ahmedabad? Would he still continue to relate everything to his dinosaur friends and be teased for being a business head who wears a dino tie to his office meetings? Let’s find out the answer through this blog.  


Ross in IIM Ahmedabad

Let’s find out how would Ross react to the different stages of studying at IIM Ahmedabad with his famous lines. Read and enjoy the blog below and don’t forget to comment your favourite lines of Ross in a different scenario. 

“Ah! Humour Based on My Pain!” 

Before we move ahead, let’s remember that Ross would hate the fact that we have switched his profession from Paleontology to Management. And every time he would have found it difficult to cope with the vast syllabus of the IIM, he would have ranted the same in front of his F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And when mocked by Ratchel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica, he would have taken pride in himself stating “Ah! Humour based on my pain!”

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Ross Handling IIM Exams with “I’m Fine!” 

Ross is best when it comes to expressing a state of panic. Now imagine being a part of the Indian education system, he would have to grasp the vast management syllabus of the IIM before the exam. So chances are – he might go to his IIM friends and express his anxiety rather than mugging up the syllabi. 

Hence, the situation would look like Ross giving a panic scream ‘I’M FINE!’ After all, given the fact of him being a PhD holder, covering an MBA syllabus would be nothing to him on pretence. But if you know, you know. The syllabus of IIM MBA courses is known to be nerve-wracking to make even Dr Geller a whine-winy cat. 

‘Unagi’ Is How You Guess the Most Frequent MBA Exam Questions

Whenever there were knowledge-sharing talks on the show, Ross has been on the lead, or at least tried to be. Remember when he tried to preach self-defence to Pheobe and Rachel with the Unagi technique? If you do, then, Ross might be having Unagi self intuition technique to guess the upcoming MBA exam questions.  

Well, in the show, he couldn’t convince the girls about the accuracy rate of the technique. Now imagine, he is sipping chai outside the IIM Ahmedabad campus and is telling all kinds of weird stories on how Unagi can help him and his friends clear the semester examination. It would not be hard for him to convince his friends if his peers are superstitious in the first place. 

Motivation to Score Good in MBA Results: “Pivot. Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!” 

Ross walks into the room and chooses to be a leader, at least on pretence. Similarly, he would think of himself as the centre of all group study sessions. After all, if you failed to picturise Ross screaming “PIVOT!” to motivate his batchmates for preparing the MBA semester examinations, then it would be a huge miss. 

Given the two accounts in Friends, one where he organised a quiz game for his friends, and another one being while shifting the sofa upstairs. Ross has been good at knowing his friends and motivating them. Hence, imagine him as a front-runner in all the project works and group study sessions. Ross will have your back as the perfect nerd. 

Considering the scenario above, Ross Geller has been proven as the type of person who loves to strive harder while pursuing any degree, be it a PhD in Paleontology or an MBA at IIM Ahmadabad. Therefore, Ross may come out as a gold medalist or become a lecturer in the line. Who knows? 

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