Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri?

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Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri

Have you ever been trapped in some or other kind of fraud over the internet?

Have you seen some movies that depicted a perfect kind of fraud story like Hera Pheri?

Even if you have not been trapped, I am sure the movies must have given you the precautions already.

Are those precautions even in your mind?

Did you think that the plan that you are making to study abroad could also come out to be a fraud?

What if you get your money stuck anywhere? For say, the university that you paid the fees for does not even exist?  The agent you had chosen for your Visa was a complete fraud man and has robbed you of your money. 

Did you even imagine the situations before I mentioned them to you?

No right?

Most of the students in the excitement of studying abroad forget to check the authenticity of the procedure that they are going to follow to go abroad!

Let us save you from the trap with the help of this blog!

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Tips to make sure your study abroad plan is not a hera pheri

Below are some tips that can be your saviour and make sure that the plan of your study abroad is not a Hera Pheri-type fraud which might have got you trapped and robbed:

Do not get the visa from anywhere and everywhere

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
Credit: The pamphlet

Applying for a visa is no joke. It is a very important step to start your journey studying abroad and talking about the cost visa, it does not cost much less amount which can be ignored or taken for granted. So you cannot just go to any random visa Centre which claims to give you a visa early and pay them the amount in the greed of getting the work done on an early basis. You have to think that the place or company is not a fraud,  you need to check the previous records and ask for authentication proof if you are applying for a visa through a centre. To be more sure about the visa it is better to apply for the visa through the embassy of the country or online by yourself to the official website of the country.  If you need Guidance you should consult or get help from verified consultations or companies only.

Do a complete research

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
Credit: Niche pursuits

If you planning to take admission in your own city the admission process is very very easy and smooth because you know everything about the area and the school. The same does not happen when you are planning to study abroad. You need to do thorough research about each and every step that you are going to take in the process. You need to do complete research on which country you want to study in, which university want to study in, if the university is registered and recognised, if you are taking the visa from the right place, if you are booking the tickets from the right place. You need to take care of everything and research every step so that you do not fall into any type of fraud trap in any of the major or minor steps of your Journey.

Get yourself  a trusted counsellor if required

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
Credit: Parents

If you getting confused in your studying abroad venture and you are not clear about the steps or are not sure about what to do and where to start. You should get guidance from a trusted consultancy like Leverage Edu. Guidance from a trusted counsellor can help you take your study abroad journey on a fast-track road with trusted and tested methods without making you fall into any traps. Make sure the consultancy that you choose is right has legitimate reviews from older students and is renowned.

Keep yourself updated with the scams

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri

The trend of the scam keeps changing like the trend of new clothes. The scammers always come up with new techniques to rob, this is not just the story of the study abroad journey but many other aspects too.  You cannot expect the scam that was being used 10 years back would still be used without any modifications or moderations despite everybody being aware of it. As we advance so do the scammers. So make sure you are keeping yourself updated with all the scams that are going on in the market and take precautions based on your research.

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Make sure the accommodation you are booking is safe and secure

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
Credit: International students

The accommodation that you need to choose and rent out has to be done before you land in the country for the purpose of Visa approval. The whole process of being online and not being able to see it offline before paying makes it a delicate task. You need to make sure that the property you choose and pay for is legitimate and does actually provide accommodations in the first place and that the location it is situated at is safe and secure. All this can only be verified if you do good research or if you pick the accommodation from a very legitimate consultancy-approved accommodation group.

Pay university fees on the official site only

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
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Several scams also take place while paying the University fees. You might not actually be on the University site and pay the fees on some other duplicate side of the university which is fraud. While researching for the university you need to make sure that you find the official website of the university,  do thorough research on it, double check everything about the University, and get in contact with the University,  only then pay the fees to save yourself From a robbery.

Make sure to get the correct tickets

Tips to Make Sure Your Study Abroad Plan is Not a Hera Pheri
Credit: The street

In recent times there have been a lot of fake agents in the country who are scamming students and their families by charging money and not providing the tickets. Before you pay anybody the amount of ticket make sure that the agency that you are paying to is real and legitimate. The booking of the ticket can also be done by yourself through online portals or with the help of your consultant which will make it an even easier and more trusted process. But in case you are getting the ticket done by an agent make sure that the agent has served the previous customers duly and is not a scammer.

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If you follow the tips that are given above, these can save you from several frauds that can take place while you are planning your study abroad journey and make your journey into the next Hera Pheri sequel. Make sure you leave no loopholes for the scammers to scam you and educate yourself in a way that makes you an expert in the process on the first go.

Hope the blog about tips to make sure you are studying abroad plan is not a Hera Feri helps you in your abroad journey. To read more such interesting blogs, kindly follow Infotainment and to read about studying abroad follow Leverage Edu.

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