6 Terrifying Movies That Start From T 

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Movies That Start From T

Not all of us sleep with lights turned on after watching a horror movie. Some of us go to our parent’s room too, to hide from the demons of our imagination. Horror and thrill is one such poison that everybody wants to drink because it tastes sweet. The genre is something that releases the dopamine and the adrenaline in your body at the same time making us anxious and happy at the same time. Do you wish to explore some terrifying Hollywood thrillers? This blog has some most fun and frightful movies that start from T that will make you pull your blanket even higher. 

List of movies that start from T

A finely curated list of movies that start from T to give you a terrifying experience making you sleep with all the lights turned on yet enjoying the watch. 

Tale of two sisters

Movies That Start From T
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How scary was it in childhood when our parents used to go working or grocery shopping leaving us home alone? In that short while a lot of odd stories, and thoughts used to cross our minds. Right? Some scary, some horror and whatnot! 

The movie “The Tale of two sisters” is a story of two girls out of which one was dealing with mental health issues and had just been discharged from the hospital. In her absence, her dad married another woman. Her stepmother was very distant which created a lot of barriers between the sisters and their parents. Amidst all of it both the girls start feeling strange, they come across a lot of unusual things happening, and going forward they are both haunted by unsettling visions. The movie very critically explores the themes of trauma, mental illness and grief. The movie is not just the one that will run chills down your body but will also educate you about many emotional issues. 

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Terror train

Movies That Start From T
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Planning a costume party with your friends? Be careful!

Terror Train explores the theme of guilt, revenge and the consequences of past actions. The film is centred around a group of college-going students. The students were celebrating their theme party when they got targeted by a killer. The killer used to attack in a theme costume which matched perfectly with the party theme making it add an extra layer to the story. The movie was very similar to Halloween but the movie was set on the train which was a special element and made it all more interesting. If you are planning a trip or a train party, do look behind your backs for a killer. The movie is an absolute thriller and fun.


Movies That Start From T
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Looking for something romantic yet scary? You found the perfect movie here! 

The movie is centred around the theme of love, sacrifice, miseries, friendship and unexpected events. A priest turns into a vampire due to a medical experiment and while struggling with the thirst for blood the vampire falls in love with a lady who turns out to be the wife of his friend. He gets consumed in the love of the lady and loses his sanity as a human and as a vampire. What do you think he would have done? Get his love fulfilled or respect the friendship. The worst part is he just does not have to fight with his love story but his existence reality too. The movie is a very mesmerising story of turns and twistsand worth a watch. 

The thing 

Movies That Start From T
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Do you think research is just research? Can anybody find something very out of the world? Something paranormal? Something supernatural? You will be shocked to know people have found such things! Do you believe it all to be true? Let’s see if it is.

A group of researchers in the movie were researching in Antarctica when they came across a creature that was a shapeshifter. Have you heard that term before? If you have not, then let me tell you! Shapeshifters are people who can change themself into anything or anyone they want to. Back to the movie, the researchers get so haunted by the creatures that they can not trust any human around them to complete their research. They are not sure if the people they are intersecting with are real or just a replicas created by the shapeshifters. The movie is terrific and of a new and interesting concept. 

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Three extremes 

Movies That Start From T
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Three Extremes is an anthology movie consisting of three movies which are all directed by three different directors of three different countries. The story of the first movie explores the theme of beauty and ageing sustenance through the use of supernatural elements at the cost of a lot of things. The second movie is a tale of revenge which explores the theme of relations and the reaction to past deeds. The third story revolves around a woman who gets entangled in the multi-level story of her life. The woman had psychic ability yet got tangled in all the angles of her own story. The movies are excellent artwork and supernatural elements. 

Tucker and Dale vs evil

Movies That Start From T
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Dark is not just horror but comedy too. And especially these days dark jokes are playing a good role in the lives of youngsters. 

Tucker and Dale are two best friends who go on a vacation to a rundown cabin in the woods. On the other side, a group of travellers assure that Tucker and Dale as behind the wood killers due to the misunderstanding and the setting of the situation. The group of travellers end up killing themselves in some outlandish ways adding a twist to the story and making things even unexpected. The friends Ticker and Dale try to help them but get in miseries but end up unharmed. The movie is an excellent work of twists and turns and is a roller coaster journey. 

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These were the best of the Movies that start from T and will make your night Fun. To read more of such interesting blogs on informative and entertaining topics, follow Infotainment Archives and to learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below regarding any doubts or suggestions.

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