Top IT Companies in Ireland to Target in 2023! 

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it companies in ireland

Ireland is a country that is home to more than 1,000 leading MNCs. Several Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies such as Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc have made Ireland the hub of their operations. In fact, 9 out of the 10 ICT companies in the world are located in Ireland. The country has the second most competitive economy in the EU and the fourth-highest international workforce. Keep reading to know more about the best IT companies in Ireland

IT companies in IrelandMarket Capital 
Accenture Plc$170.33 Billion
Seagate Technology Plc$11.04 Billion
FINEOS Corporation Holdings Plc$402.8 Million
Datalex Plc$81.7 Million
VR Education Holdings Plc$64.9 Million
Zutec Holding AB$39.2 Million
Glantus Holdings PLC$4.2 Million

Top IT companies in Ireland

Several IT companies are headquartered in Ireland. Here is a list of the best IT companies in Ireland. These companies provide a range of employment opportunities that interested and eligible candidates can apply to.

Accenture Plc

Accenture is the largest publicly listed company from Ireland by market capitalization. It is also one of the largest companies in Europe and is one of the best IT companies in Ireland. Accenture offers several services to its clients such as application services, AI, automation, business strategy, data and analytics, digital commerce, finance consulting, marketing,Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Metaverse, security among others. 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies are clients of Accenture.  The market capital of Accenture is $170.33 Billion.  

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Content Moderator€28,255/INR 25.19 lakh
Manager€81,466/INR 72.63 lakh
Quality Analyst€32,600/INR 29.06 lakh
Team Lead€38,500/INR 34.33 lakh
it companies in ireland

Seagate Technology Plc

Seagate Technology has been known for providing data storage solutions to its customers. The company has been incorporated in Dublin since 2009. Some of the Seagate Technology solutions include: data transfer, private cloud, public cloud, high performance computing, video analytics, and data migration, among others. Seagate Technologies Plc is among the IT companies in Ireland that is growing at a fast pace. Moreover, the company acquired Samsung’s HDD business in 2011. The market capital of the company stands at $11.04 Billion.

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Staff Engineer£45,798/INR 47.72 lakh
Process Engineer£36,000/ INR 37.52 lakh
Production Operator£25,000/INR 26.05 lakh
Engineer£36,000/INR 37.52 lakh

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FINEOS Corporation Holdings Plc

FINEOS Corporation is a company based in Dublin, Ireland. It was established in 1993 and is known for software development.  The company offers software solutions to employee benefits and life, accident and health sectors. They are the 7/10 largest employee benefits insurers in the US. The market capital of FINEOS Corporation stands at $402.8 Million. The comp;any has received several awards such as the Technology Ireland – Digital Technology Services Project of the Year (2022).

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Senior Software Engineer€74,112/INR 62.08 lakh
Software Engineer€52,542/46.84 lakh
Senior Analyst€73,673/65.69 lakh
Devops Engineer€64,170/INR 57.21 lakh
it companies in ireland

Datalex Plc

Datalex PLC  software development company headquartered in Ireland. It is one of the top IT companies in Ireland. Datalex PLC works with airlines to develop travel software. Some of its clients include JetBlue, Air China, Virgin Australia, Aer Lingus, and Turkish Airlines, among others. Datalex Plc is involved in digitalising end-to-end travel retail experience. The products offered by the company enable the airlines to connect with the customers and differentiate their services to win against their competitors. The market capital of the company stands at $81.7 M.

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Software Engineer€46,277/INR 41.28 lakh
Software Developer€50,224/INR 44.80 lakh
Senior Software Engineer€83,680/INR 74.64 lakh
Project Manager€77,905/INR 69.49 lakh

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VR Education Holdings Plc

VR Education Holdings PLC  is a Virtual Reality Software company. Through the ENGAGE platform, the company aims to change how people meet, collaborate and learn. The multi-award-winning company is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM and the Irish Stock Exchange. Some of the clients of the company include Stanford University, Lenovo, HSBC, KIA, Pfizer, KPMG, and Meta, among others. Some of the services offered by VR Education holdings include VR education and learning, virtual classroom solutions, engaging AI, etc.  The market capital of the company is $64.9 Million.

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Software Engineer€47K – €79K/INR47.87lakh-INR 70.34 lakh
Software Decloper€47K – €51K/INR  47.87lakh- INR 45.41 lakh
QA Engineer€44K – €47K/INR 39.16 lakh- INR 47.87 lakh
Senior Software Engineer€63K – €67K/INR 56.08 lakh- INR 59.63 lakh
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Zutec Holding AB

Zutec Holding AB is a company that provides construction management software, data and digital tools. It is one of the best IT companies in Ireland. The company is involved in transforming the building processes, and asset operations by delivering efficiency, and sustainability throughout the building duration.  Some of the solutions provided by Zutech Holding include: CDE (Tender management, project management, design collaboration, document management), Qualify management (Snagging and defect management, safety and inspection), among others. The market capital of the company is $39.2 Million).

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Regional Sales Manager£63K – £94K/INR 65.54 lakh-INR 95.97 lakh
VP Sales£193K – £209K/INR 2 crore- 2.17 crore 
Sr. Project Manager£52K – £56K/INR 54.20 lakh- INR 58.37 lakh
Project Lead£35K – £38K/INR 36.48 lakh- INR 39.61 lakh

Glantus Holdings PLC

The Glantus Holdings PLC offers software solutions to its customers. The aim of the company is to liberate people and the potential of the AP (accounts payable)  sector globally. Glantus is among the IT companies in Ireland that is focused on the AP sector. Through DataShark they provide services such as overpayment prevention, vendor master analysis, process analytics, audit and recovery, fraud and compliance, document workflow and spend analytics.  The market capital of the company stands at $4.2 Million.

DesignationAverage Annual Base Salary
Head of People & Culture€82K – €88K/INR 73.01lakh-INR 78.35 lakh
Group Financial Accountant€54K – €59K/INR 36.48 lakh- INR 52.52 lakh
Service Manager€48K – €52K INR 47.73 lakh- INR 46.30 lakh
Help Desk€32K – €34K/INR 28.49 lakh-INR 30.27 lakh

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Is Ireland a hub of IT companies?

Yes, Ireland is considered as one of the IT hubs in Europe. The country is home to EMEA and big tech companies such as Indeed and Hubspot.

What high tech companies are in Ireland?

Some of the best IT companies in Ireland include: Microsoft Ireland, Apple Ireland, Kingston, Intel, HP Ireland, IBM, Sandisk , and Facebook Ireland.

What is the largest software company in Ireland?

The largest software company in Ireland is Microsoft Ireland Operations. The company is a subsidiary of Microsoft and is known for distributing, selling, and marketing software globally.

Ireland is the second most attractive country in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The country has a strong foreign owned MNC sector and has several indigenous industries as well. IT companies thrive in Ireland. In fact, 9 out of the 10 IT companies are located in Ireland itself. Therefore, the country has a lot of employment opportunities to offer in the ICT sector. To discover more articles like this one visit the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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