Employee Benefits in the USA that are Attracting Indians

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7 Reasons Why Indians Prefer Working in USA

Lakhs of Indian citizens are moving to the USA for employment and job. The International Migration 2020 report by UN DESA highlights that Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the USA comprise the highest number of Indian migrants. According to the report over 18 million Indians were staying out of the nation for work and Job purposes. One of the major reasons for this is attractive Employee Rights and an increasing number of job opportunities. In this article, we will focus on reasons why Indians prefer working in USA

What is Employee Benefit?

Employee Benefits basically refer to the aid or compensation that an employee enjoys in addition to the monthly salary. Employee benefits are usually provided to retain valuable employees, attract a new workforce, and built a reputation in the market. 

7 Reasons Why Indians Prefer Working in USA

Employee benefits in the USA typically include paid leaves, Overtime pay, Pensions, and other assistance. These not only attract new employees but also boost productivity by keeping the existing employees happy and satisfied. Let’s look at some of the Employee benefits in detail. 

Disability/Sickness leaves

Workers who are employed in the USA can take up to 12 weeks of leave per year depending upon their health condition. As per FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act), Disability leave is considered a federal law for employees who are unable to function due to severe illness and injury. 

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is a fixed amount that has to be paid to the workers for their work. The amount is not negotiable by any firm or organization. The minimum wage in the USA is 7.25 USD per hour which is 160 USD per month. California has the highest minimum wage for its employees which is 15.50 USD per hour. 

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Holiday and Annual leave

Leaves are one of the topmost factors that employees consider before joining a firm/ organization. Apart from national holidays many organization in the USA sanction leaves for local holidays or provide compensatory off if the workers are required to work. 

Maternity and Parental leave

Maternity leaves are granted by US companies to would-be moms, and mothers who have recently delivered a newborn. Paternity leaves are also offered to men and women both who have adopted a kid. Men whose fiances have given birth recently are also allowed to take paternity leaves. 

Overtime Pay

In the USA according to the FLSA that is Fair Labor Standards Act, employees must be paid for working overtime. The pay is calculated using the formula workers’ regular wage multiplied by 1.5 multiplied by extra hours worked. 

Hazard Pay

Workers who are required to work in hazardous conditions such as extreme climate, risky equipment, and life-threatening duties are eligible for Hazard pay. These basically include the Military, Construction workers, and others. 


Employees are eligible for two kinds of pensions, one assures a fixed monthly payment and the other one is a lump sum provided upon retirement to the employee. Typically a retired employee receives 49% of the wage as a pension. 

Depending upon the profession and size of the company, employees are offered additional benefits that vary from company to company. Hope the information provided in the article above is beneficial for the readers.

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