20 Inspiring World Malaria Day Slogans for Students

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World Malaria Day Slogans

World Malaria Day is an annually observed global event, celebrated on every April 25. As the name suggests, the day aims to raise awareness about Malaria, a disease caused by a parasite which spreads through the bites of mosquitoes. According to the surveillance data of the National Center for Vector-Borne Diseases Control, there were 0.18 million cases in 2022. Therefore, World Malaria Day aims to unite governments and organizations to prevent, treat, and eradicate Malaria. Here are a few inspiring slogans on World Malaria Day to use as social media status or captions and for posters. Let’s begin.

10 Slogans on World Malaria Day

1. Let’s stand united against Malaria and end the battle now. 

2. Defeat Malaria today, save lives tomorrow.

3. From raising awareness to taking action, uniting to end Malaria. 

4. Malaria ends today with awareness, prevention, and action. 

World Malaria Day Slogans

5. No more Malaria from now on; It is time to take action and end it today. 

6. Let’s take global action now and end Malaria for good. 

7. Together we are stronger, united we can beat Malaria. 

8. Malaria out, health and happiness in.

World Malaria Day Slogans

9. Zero Malaria starts with individual and collective action, take the initiative today. 

10. End Malaria, Save Lives. 

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10 Funny Slogans on World Malaria Day

1. Don’t let mosquitoes enjoy your blood. Say no to Malaria today. 

2. Mosquitoes are modern-day vampires, let’s eradicate them together.

3. End Malaria today, take the limelight from mosquitoes.

4. Let’s kick Malaria out and enjoy summer to its fullest. 

World Malaria Day Slogans

5. From buzz to swat, let’s end Malaria together. 

6. Join our hands, join the fight. End Malaria and mosquitoes’ flight. 

7. Malaria? Not on our watch, united we stand, together we can end it. 

World Malaria Day Slogans

8. No more being victims of Malaria, let’s put a stop to mosquitoes. 

9. Malaria and mosquitoes are uninvited guests, let’s stop their parties and feasts. 

10. Bite back against malaria and end the mosquito havoc today. 

World Malaria Day Slogans
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What is the importance of mosquito awareness?

Our planet Earth has more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes that transmit more diseases than many other creatures. They can spread life-threatening diseases such as malaria and dengue and kill thousands of people every day. Thus, World Malaria Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness about the need to tackle and prevent malaria. 

What is the slogan for World Malaria Day?

You can go with something like, “Malaria and mosquitoes are uninvited guests, let’s stop their parties and feasts.” 

What is the slogan of mosquito awareness?

A famous slogan of mosquito awareness is, “From raising awareness to taking action, uniting to end Malaria.”

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