World Arthritis Theme 2023

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World Arthritis Day 2023

World Arthritis Day is celebrated annually on 12th October. It is a worldwide campaign that Arthritis and Rheumatism International (ARI) started in 1996. The goal of WAD is to raise awareness of the over 200 rheumatic and musculoskeletal illnesses (RMDs), which have a major, if silent, impact. The goal of the day is to raise awareness of these crippling disorders’ presence and effects among people all around the world.

World Arthritis Day 2023: Theme

This year, the theme for World Arthritis Day 2023 is – It’s in your hands, take action.” This theme will encourage people with arthritis, their caregivers, families, and the general public to avail every opportunity to take action to improve their lifestyle.

Importance of World Arthritis Day 2023

For all those who don’t know, Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder which affects the joint tissues around the joints and other connective tissues. This causes joint pain and stiffness. One should know that more than 100 types of arthritis exist but there are two types of arthritis which is very common: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

However, due to a lack of knowledge and several misconceptions, very little importance is given to this condition.

One should also know that there is no specific treatment for arthritis. Although there are treatments available for various types. Therefore, World Arthritis Day plays a crucial role in encouraging people and enlightening them with the required knowledge about this condition.

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World Arthritis Day 2023: History

Here are some of the interesting facts regarding World Arthritis Day’s history.

  • In 1996, Arthritis and Rheumatism International established World Arthritis Day.
  • A day set aside on 12 October to raise awareness of arthritis.
  • It focuses on empowering patients with arthritis and their carers via education and support.
  • It drives activism for better arthritis research, care, and legislative support.
  • Encourages participation from businesses, hospitals, and communities.
  • Involves a number of efforts, occasions, and the transmission of arthritis information.
  • Lastly, it demonstrates international cooperation in tackling the problems caused by arthritis.

How to Manage Joint Pain Due to Arthritis?

Want to cure/manage your joint pain which has been caused by arthritis? Check out the below-mentioned points:

  • Include a diet that is well-balanced and rich in foods that reduce inflammation, such as fibre, green leafy vegetables, berries, ginger, almonds, and legumes.
  • Make sure you have Vitamin D and Calcium intake.
  • Make sure that you maintain your ideal weight, carrying excess body weight will stress out your joints.
  • Be active and do exercises regularly which will help you cure or get relief from your joint pain.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Do low-impact exercises such as swimming, walking and cycling.

World Arthritis Day 2023

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What is the other name for World Arthritis?

The other name for World Arthritis is World Osteoarthritis Day. This day is celebrated on 12 October.

What colour is World Arthritis Day?

Blue is the official international colour for arthritis awareness.

What is the best treatment for osteoarthritis?

Exercise is one of the most important treatments for people with osteoarthritis.

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