Grandparent’s Day 2023: History, Significance, Celebration and More

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grandparent's day

Grandparents are considered pillars of love and wisdom. They form the foundation of any family. To show them love and respect, in 1978, President Jimmy Carter declared 10 September as Grandparent’s Day. Grandparent’s Day is celebrated to honour the exceptional role played by every grandparent in the family. They are the idols that shape and inspire us from childhood through their stories and all of it gets reflected in adulthood. As we celebrate this day every year, let’s take a moment to know the significance of Grandparent’s Day. Enjoy Reading!

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History Behind Grandparent’s Day

The national holiday for this day is due to the work of two passionate pioneers named Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade.

In 1961, Reingold attended a speech at the White House Conference on Aging, he got inspired to listen to the new image of ageing. It became a special off in the Bronx in 1963 in honour of Grandparents.

Grandparent’s Day is also celebrated because of a woman named Marian McQuade. She was the driving force behind this special day. Marian McQuade was a homemaker who belonged to Fayette County, West Virginia. She has 15 children. Out of her personal experience and evaluation, she believed that there should be a special day for the contribution and wisdom of grandparents. At the nursing home, she noticed that many elder residents did not experience regular visits from their family members.

In 1970, she felt the need to encourage the families to reconnect with their elders and she became an activist in West Virginia. Her work led the authorities to declare 10 September as National Grandparent’s Day and post 5 years, this day has become a National Holiday.

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Why Do We Celebrate Grandparent’s Day?

Since the establishment of this day, Grandparent’s Day has been celebrated across the US. This day is an opportunity for the young people and children of the families to express honour, respect, love, and gratitude towards their grandparents.

Schools in US and the community organizations also contribute to the grandparent’s day by involving children in activities such as making cards for their grandparents or conducting cultural events for the grandparents.

Apart from the United States, many other countries celebrate this day to recognize the sacrifice, work, and achievements of grandparents, though the dates and customs might differ. 

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Tips to Celebrate Grandparents Day

Mentioned below are some tips on how you can make your grandparents special:

  • Make greeting cards for them and pen down your emotions towards them
  • Plan a movie outing with them
  • Arrange a family dinner as they love to eat with the entire family member
  • Talk to them and ask them stories of their past
  • Take them to the park, some place of worship
  • You can also give them an award for Best Grandparent in the world

All such things could make their day special and you will also feel content with seeing your grandparents happy and satisfied. 

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Q1. Is there an official Grandparents Day?

A. Yes, there is an official Grandparents Day that is celebrated on 10 September every year. This day is conducted on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Q2. Why do we celebrate Grandparents Day?

A. Grandparents Day is the best opportunity for families to show honor and respect to their grandparents and reflect love towards them by making them feel special.

Q3. When is National Grandparents Day?

A. National Grandparents Day is on 10 September and it originated from West Virginia.

Let us know how you celebrated Grandparent’s Day and made them feel special in the comment section below. Keep reading Leverage Edu blogs to stay informed about the news and things that are happening in the world of education!

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