National Thermal Engineer Day 2023

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National Thermal Engineer Day

National Thermal Engineer Day every year is celebrated on 24th July, acknowledging the role of Thermal Engineers in our lives. In July 2014, Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) selected 24th July as the day to celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day as it is one of the hottest days of the year. Let’s learn the purpose, history and some interesting facts about this day.

Why is National Thermal Engineer Day Celebrated?

National Thermal Engineer Day is celebrated to honor the often-ignored contribution of Thermal Engineers to modern life. Many of today’s conveniences are possible due to the work of Thermal Engineers. From a simple mobile phone to your air conditioning to the engines running in your cars, almost every modern device benefits from good Thermal Engineering. However, these things seldom come to notice. Thermal Engineer Day attempts to change that.

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History of National Thermal Engineer Day

Although the holiday was created in the United States, it is now celebrated in many other places too. This day was created in 2003 by Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), an American engineering and manufacturing company, to honour the successes that thermal engineers make possible for a nation’s technological advancement.

It happened so, that during the Renaissance, many thought that a caloric fluid that was invisible created heat. It was once believed that everybody had a heat capacity, or the capability to store a certain amount of fluid. Scientists abandoned this theory in the 18th and 19th centuries after realizing that heat was a byproduct of a system’s inherent energy and so in order to raise awareness of thermal engineers and their importance to the electronics and engineering industries, Inc. (ATS), an American engineering and manufacturing company and Superior Thermal Solutions launched this campaign. They created National Thermal Engineer Day and emphasized the significance of the development of this sector.

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How to Celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day?

A few of the best ways to observe National Thermal Engineers Day are: 

  • Praise for thermal engineers

The gadgets we use on a daily basis wouldn’t work properly without thermal engineering and thermal engineers. So get a chilled drink for the thermal engineer in your life. You are unaware of any thermal engineers. Post about this day online to promote the entire profession.

  • Increase public awareness of this day

Recognising the accomplishments made by both men and women in the field of thermal engineering is one of the key goals of this day. People can comprehend the remarkable work done in this subject and respect the commitment of thermal engineers by sharing this day with at least one other person.

  • Learn more about thermal engineering

By reading about its history, applications, and key figures. So many familiar inventions have flourished thanks to their innovations and advancements. Being better aware of this area is the bare minimum we can do.

  • Organising plays in schools and colleges

Plays must be organized in schools and colleges with the aim of paying gratitude to the consistent efforts of thermal engineers in our modern lives. These plays will help create awareness in the minds of youths by telling them about the significant impact thermal engineers make in today’s world.

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What is Thermal Energy?

The energy in a system that helps ascertain its temperature is known as thermal energy. Thermal energy flows as heat.  When the energy is transmitted from one type of system to another, heat is created. The field of physics known as thermodynamics studies how work is accomplished while heat is exchanged between diverse systems.

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Top Universities Offering Courses in Thermal Engineering

A few universities offering courses in Thermal Engineering are:


Why is National Thermal Engineer Day celebrated?

National Thermal Engineer Day is celebrated to pay gratitude for all the efforts of Thermal Engineers in making our life better.

Who is the father of thermal engineering?

It’s common to refer to Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot as the “Father of Thermodynamics.”

What does a thermal engineer do?

Designing heating and cooling systems makes use of the knowledge of thermodynamics concepts held by thermal engineers. They make sure the heat transfer is effective and appropriate to provide the intended outcome. It belongs to the field of mechanical engineering.

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