World Patient Safety Day 2023

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world patient safety day

World Patient Safety is the prime concern for all countries and international partners. World Patient Safety Day is an effort by the World Health Organization (WHO) to look after the well-being of patients. The day is celebrated on 17th September every year. This day brings the patients, caregivers, families, health workers, community, and healthcare policymakers together to present their dedication and commitment to patient safety. Keep reading for further details!

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About World Patient Safety Day 2023

Patient Safety is regarded as a global health concern. In addition, the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry is the prime motto of every country. This has led to the introduction of World Patient Safety Day.

The World Patient Safety Day 2023 is celebrated on 17 September 2023. This day is dedicated to raising awareness regarding the safety of patients and encouraging the need for safe healthcare practices. 

Everyone involved in healthcare be it doctors, patients, nurses, or family members, plays a critical role in the safety of the patients.

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Theme: World Patient Safety Day 2023

The theme is “Engaging Patients for Patient Safety”. This day is considered one of the WHO’s global public health Days. this crucial day was established in 2019. It was formed by the World Health Assembly when it took the resolution of WHA72.6 which is Global Action on Patient Safety.

The objective behind establishing this day is to raise awareness to reduce patient harm and improve the functioning of patient safety. 

As per an estimate, there have been evident gains in safety, health outcomes, as well as patient safety, when patients are treated as partners. The theme for 2023 suggests that patients should be considered as members of the healthcare team like doctors, or nurses. Patient contribution in the healthcare sector is also countable for patient safety, and the healthcare system as a whole. The WHO has also released a slogan “Elevate the voice of patients”.

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Previous Year Theme

  • World Patient Safety Day 2022: Medication Safety
  • World Patient Safety Day 2021: Safe Maternal and Newborn Care
  • World Patient Safety Day 2020: Speak Up for Health Worker Safety
  • World Patient Safety Day 2019: Patient Safety: A Global Health Priority

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Key Action Areas

The key action areas for Global Patient Safety are as follows:

  1. Raise awareness among the public and patients regarding healthcare and policies.
  2. Engage everyone in society to adopt safe healthcare policies and practices.
  3. Empowering patients and their families towards the improvement of healthcare.
  4. Advocate the urgent need to align the patients and families with the Global Action Safety Plan 2021-2030.

Role of Patients and Families in Patient Safety

The patients and families also play an important in patient safety. It is crucial to make them active members in healthcare, seeking clarification, asking questions, and pointing out concerns. These initiatives could decrease the errors and improve the quality of healthcare.

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Q1. What is the theme for World Patient Safety Day 2023?

A. The theme for this year’s World Patient Safety Day is Engaging Patients for Patient Safety”.

Q2. Why is World Patient Safety Day celebrated?

A. Every year on 17 September, World Patient Safety Day is celebrated to bring together patients, policymakers, healthcare workers, and families to show their commitment to patient safety.

Q3. What is the slogan for Patient Safety 2023?

A. The slogan for Patient Safety 2023 is “Elevate the voice of patients”.

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