Best Friends Day (June 8)

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Best Friends Day

Celebrate Best Friends Day on June 8 by remembering your closest and dearest buddy. Best friends frequently have strong bonds that can tolerate time apart, bad weather, and silence. Best friends make bad times bearable, enjoyable times memorable, and memorable moments priceless, whether we’ve known them all our lives or just recently met them. Read this article to know more about Best Friends Day on June 8.

History of Best Friends Day 

We may thank our nation for this jovial festival. The United States Congress decided to dedicate a day each year to honour close friends in 1935. They choose June 8, which is typically a warm day nationwide, ideal for outdoor activities. Since then, the custom has spread to numerous other nations. To honour their chosen family, some people even host festivals. Since this holiday, there have been several other occasions to celebrate friendship, such as Friendship Day, Women’s Friendship Day, and even a whole week known as Old Friends, New Friends Week. Ironically, summer is the season when most friendship celebrations take place.

The Importance of Best Friend Day 

It has been demonstrated that having a best buddy is really good for one’s health. Stress and anxiety can be reduced by having someone you can talk to, share difficulties with, and who is always there to support you. Best friends frequently have a similar age range and go through the same stages of life. Because of this, they are able to support and understand one another through life’s highs and lows.

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Significance of Friends Day 

The Significance of Friends Day is from childhood friendships to adult relationships, friendship is one of the most significant aspects of a person’s life. There are many advantages to friendship, but one of the most significant ones is that it makes relationships stronger. In today’s environment, making new friends can be challenging, but keeping intimate connections can be much more challenging. Having a best friend is extremely helpful since they provide an unrivalled level of emotional support.

How to Celebrate Best Friends Day

Although there are countless ways to commemorate the day, even a brief phone or text will be greatly appreciated. Seven charming ways to express your love for your besties have been compiled by our team. You can do an experience together, like bungee jumping or skydiving, to commemorate this day by trying something new. Have dinner with them and spend some time together. Use the hashtag to post images and share your festivities on social media.

Send a Card

You can send your friend a Beautiful card also you can make, Friendship card with your hand to make this day rememberable. 

Call and Catch Up

On Best Friends Day, you don’t need to make a big effort or spend a lot of money to show your best friend how much you value her. As we age, uninterrupted time to talk and catch up can be more difficult to find, but it is always a surefire method to make you feel better.

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Have Brunch

Plan a brunch date for the weekend before or following Best Friends Day if it falls on a weekday. Make a handful of our favourite brunch recipes together when you visit your favourite local eatery or go grocery shopping.

Surprise with a Gift

You can give a surprise to your friend by giving gifts or any surprise which makes your friend happy. 

Send Flowers

Everybody enjoys receiving flowers. If you live close by, choose a bouquet from your garden and leave it on her front door.

Post a Photo

Additionally, you can post pictures of you and your pals on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with an amusing and thought-provoking commentary with the hashtag “best friends day.”

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Q1.When is Best Friends Day?

Ans Every year on June 8, people celebrate Best Friends Day. International Day of Friendship in July and Friendship Month in September are additional days that are related.

Q2. When did Best Friends Day start?

Ans. Best Friends Day appears to have started in 2009 when BFF Entertainment hosted a celebration in Times Square, New York, however, the concept of a friendship day dates back to the 1930s.

Q3. What is Best Friends Day?

Ans. The purpose of today is to celebrate Best Friends. For their celebrations, many pals like to take advantage of BOGO offers for stores or activities.

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