5, 10, and 20 Lines on Water Pollution for Students

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Lines on Water Pollution

Our planet Earth is covered with 71% water out of which only 3% is fresh water. Over the years, numerous factors such as deforestation, chemical release from factories, and human activities have negatively impacted the water bodies. This calls for immediate action from higher authorities to ensure that the pollution does not harm any more aquatic animals and ecosystems. As the annual celebration of World Earth Day is around the corner, students have begun participating in numerous competitions. To get their creative thinking going, here are useful samples of 5, 10, and 20 lines on water pollution in English.  

5 Lines on Water Pollution in English for Class 3, 4, 5, and 6

Lines on Water Pollution
  1. Water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies. 
  2. It can happen due to the release of harmful substances in lakes, rivers, oceans, dams, etc.
  3. Polluted water is unsafe for human use and poses a threat to marine animals. 
  4. Trash and plastic waste also disrupt our ecosystems. 
  5. We must take effective steps to clean our water bodies and preserve the natural resources of our planet Earth. 

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10 Lines on Water Pollution in English For Class 3, 4, 5, and 6 

  1. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water bodies, such as oceans, glaciers, freshwater lakes, etc. 
  2. However, they are constantly being threatened by water pollution. 
  3. Water pollution happens when industries, factories, and humans dump harmful substances and waste into the water bodies. 
  4. Trash like bottles, plastic bags, and wrappers can harm marine life as they often confuse the trash with edible food. 
  5. Similarly, oil spills from boats and chemicals from factories can also pollute the water and make it unfit for use. 
  6. Polluted water can make people and animals sick.
  7. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge our duty towards the planet and keep its resources safe for future generations. 
  8. We can make small changes every day by not throwing trash in the water bodies. 
  9. Incorporating values like reuse, reduce, and recycle and using eco-friendly products can make a difference. 
  10. Remember, every action has a reaction. Thus, it is important to take the right steps towards protecting the environment and our planet. 

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20 Lines on Water Pollution in English for Class 3, 4, 5, and 6

  1. Water pollution refers to the contamination of earth’s natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  2. Trash thrown in rivers can harm marine animals who confuse them with food and get entangled.  
  3. Sewage and chemical release from factories into water bodies also make them unsafe for drinking or agricultural use. 
  4. Water pollution is also caused by oil spills from ships and boats, making it more difficult for aquatic plants and animals to live peacefully and thrive in the oceans.
  5. Using polluted water can lead to health issues such as diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, etc. 
  6. Water pollution also disrupts the aquatic ecosystem by affecting the growth of plants.  
  7. It can also reduce oxygen levels in the water and harm fish and other aquatic animals. 
  8. Water pollution can also choke animals and lead to their death. 
  9. It can also impact tourism and related economic activities such as swimming, boating, rafting, etc.  
  10. It is high time that citizens acknowledge their individual and collective responsibility towards protecting Earth and its water resources.
  11. We must opt for sustainable practices to ensure maximum protection of our Earth’s natural resources.
  12. Imposing strict laws against pollution might lead to significant improvements.
  13. Governments and organisations must encourage public awareness through seminars and workshops to spread the word.  
  14. Schools and colleges must teach young children the importance of keeping our surroundings and resources clean.  
  15. People should also go for eco-friendly and decomposable materials. 
  16. We must stop water pollution today and ensure a greener and healthier environment for future generations.
  17. We can also plant new trees along the rivers which might help purify water and absorb pollutants. 
  18. Every individual must strive to reduce their water footprint to protect our precious resources.
  19. Save water and save Earth is not a trend but an everyday commitment.
  20.  Earth is constantly at threat and we must do everything in our power to protect it. 


How is water polluted?

Human activities are often the cause of water pollution around the world. Factories generate toxic waste and sewage, which is later released into water bodies. Similarly, oil spills are another source of water pollution. Many times tourists litter rivers while camping. This poses a threat to humans as well as marine animals. 

What is water pollution short note?

In simple words, water pollution refers to the contamination of water bodies in our environment. It generally happens when waste and sewage are released into lakes, oceans, and other water bodies.  

How can we prevent 5 lines of water pollution?

There are numerous ways to prevent water pollution. To start with, do not throw trash in water bodies, do not pour fat from cooking in the kitchen sink, do not flush medications, avoid flushing tissues, and opt for wastewater management. 

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