Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Celebration of Earth Day in Your School: Check Samples

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Celebration of Earth Day in Your School

Earth Day is an important opportunity for students to learn about the conservation of the environment and take necessary steps to protect our planet. To celebrate the day schools organise a week-long series of events with a focus on ¨Restore Our Earth¨. While celebrating Earth Day the students come to know about how deforestation and pollution are negatively impacting nature through informative assemblies. Teachers focus on conducting special lessons on recycling, renewable energy and the practice of sustainable living. 

To write a letter about the celebration of Earth Day to a friend is another unique experience. It is a chance to list all the understanding and responsibility towards nature and one’s commitment towards a greener future. 

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Celebration of Earth Day in Your School: Sample 1

House Number 45, 
New Commercial Colony,
Punjab – 10023

18 February 2024

Dear Rohan,

How are you? I hope you are in good health and are enjoying school life in the new city. The purpose of this letter writing is to tell you about how our school celebrated Earth Day last week. The day was full of festivities to raise awareness about environmental protection. 

The venue of the event was our school´s big auditorium. The day started with an inspirational speech given by the principal emphasizing how every small action on our part can help the planet. In her speech, she highlighted reducing waste, conserving energy and water, planting more trees and maintaining the green spaces around us. Her useful and informative speech made me realize the little things that I can do daily to be a more responsible inhabitant of Earth.

There was also a setup of stalls exhibiting eco-friendly products and demonstrating how we can incorporate green living into our daily habits. These stalls were set up by the school´s eco club. Furthermore, the bags made of clothes, organic food items, and biodegradable utensils made of wood and bamboo were the centre of the attraction of the celebration. Students were encouraged to avoid single-use plastic items too. I purchased a jute bag that I now carry to the market instead of using plastic bags.

Furthermore, the event was filled with colors with beautifully recycled arts and crafts competitions. Each class had created something useful from the trash, whether it was a photo frame, discarded bottles, cans, or woven stylish bags from old sarees and curtains. 

The centre of attraction of the event was in the second half of the day when all the students were assembled in the school garden for the planting tree ceremony. The principal gave a farewell speech and the chief guest planted saplings of different trees such as Meem, Banyan, Guava and likewise. We even took a pledge to nurture the plants into full trees as our responsibility. 

Overall, the celebration of Earth Day was very enriching and inspiring for the students. The habit of planting seeds for a lifelong conservation of the environment is the true way to celebrate Earth Day. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Please do share how your school celebrates Earth Day.

With lots of love,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Celebration of Earth Day in Your School: Sample 2

7a, Jopling Road,
Chunam Lane, Lamington Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra-400007

19 February 2024

Dear Roshan,

I hope everything is good at your end. As you know, last month the entire nation celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April. Our school also commemorated the day and trust me Roshan the day was a complete educational experience. 

The day started with a lively dancing performance highlighting the beauty of nature. The students were dressed in colourful costumes represented as trees, rivers, animals and birds. Their graceful acts depicted the importance of all the elements on Earth and how all of them are interconnected. I was mesmerized by their show. 

Next, we had an expert session in which a seminar was conducted on the topic of Climate Change, Waste Management, and Afforestation. The expert guests described simple habits like reducing electricity usage, recycling paper and plastic, composting organic waste from home and growing native trees in the backyards of our home. Their practical advice made me feel empowered that I can also contribute to helping the environment. 

After a short break, we visited stalls set up by the students of the ¨Go Green Club¨. The club aimed to guide the people in planting a tree sapling each to commemorate the day and to save the environment. There was also a photography exhibition which contributed to the clicks of pictures by the member students of the club. The pictures were expressive and beautiful and covered every good aspect of Earth and the environment such as a clean river, beautiful trees and colorful flowers.
The celebrations of Earth Day in our school made me passionate about safeguarding our planet. I hope we make every day Earth Day by adopting sustainable habits. I am quite eager to hear how your school celebrated this important day in our school day. 

Looking forward to our conversation in our next letter.

With lots of love,

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Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About the Celebration of Earth Day in Your School: Sample 3

Letter To Your Friend Telling Him About The Celebration Of Earth Day In Your School

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1. How do you celebrate Earth Day in your school?

Ans. We celebrate Earth Day in our school by cleaning up the litter, planting trees, and setting the recycling bins in the school and colleges with the necessary information. Meanwhile hosting environment-themed games and quizzes and pledges to conserve resources adds value to the celebration of the day.

2. What is Earth Day?

Ans. The dedicated day for protecting the environment and raising awareness about pollution is called Earth Day. It is celebrated on April 22nd every year.

3. How do you write a report on the Earth Day celebration in school?

Ans. In an Earth Day report, write about the activities done before celebrating the day, why the day is celebrated and its impact. Do not forget to share the facts, personal experiences and commitment towards the safety of the environment. 

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