Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing The Joy Of Celebrating Festivals In Your Village

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Letter To Your Friend Describing The Joy Of Celebrating Festivals In Your Village

Celebrating festivals is part of our culture. The energy, friendliness, rituals and traditions, and joy make you feel like a member of the community. Here are a few samples provided to help you tell your friend about these experiences. On this page, we will discuss samples of how to write a letter to your friend describing the joy of celebrating festivals in your village.

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Sample 1: Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing The Joy Of Celebrating Festivals In Your Village

D-43, 2nd floor
Pratap ViharGhaziabad
Uttar Pradesh- 201009

27 April 2024

Dear Anjali,
I hope all is well with you and that your recovery is going well. Because of your health, you were unable to come to our village this year for the Holi festival. So, I would like to tell you about the celebration that took place there.

We went to our village to celebrate Holi, just like we do every year. We got on the train and arrived at our destination to a cheerful crowd, with people waiting to pick up friends and family members. The markets were filled with bright colours and delicious foods as we made our way closer to our home. The children ran through the village lanes, full of excitement.

When I arrived at our house, everyone was preparing for Holi. I assisted my mother and aunts in preparing the sweets. The next day, on Holi, children began yelling ‘Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!’ in the streets. They began rubbing each other’s faces with colours. Men and women were also having fun with the colours and wishing each other a ‘Happy Holi’. Men were sipping ‘Thandai ‘’ while women consumed gunjiya. It was a wonderful day.

Well, this was my Holi. I hope you also had a wonderful and safe Holi. I will be waiting to your for your message. Till then, be safe.

Your loving friend,

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Sample 2: Write A Letter To Your Friend Describing The Joy Of Celebrating Festivals In Your Village

A-22/32, School Lane
Ashok Nagar
Madhya Pradesh: 473331

27th April,2024

Dear Rakesh,
I hope you’re doing well and that your Dussehra celebration was amazing. This year, I went to my maternal village to celebrate Dussehra. It was among the year’s most memorable moments.

I arrived at my village two days before Dussehra. The busy crowds, crowded markets, and the village’s main attraction, the Dusshera Mela, were all full of exciting energy and bright colours. Throughout the day, preparations for Dussehra were in full swing. Some people were busy building statues of Ravana and his two brothers, Kumbhkaran and Meghnath. 

The village was even more magnificent at night when it was sparkling with lights and people were mesmerized by the sights at Dusshera Mela. The lights and rides of the Dusshera Mela and the Ram-Leela brightened the atmosphere in our area.

When the day of Dussehra finally arrived, numerous villages worked on setting up statues in large areas, which they then set burnt at night. The entire village shone like a star under the dark sky. The happiness and joy on people’s faces showed me the real India, which is found in the rural parts of the country. The simplicity and comfort of the village cannot be matched by any festivity held in the city.

Your loving friend

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Format Of Writing A Letter To Your Friend Describing The Joy Of Celebrating Festivals In Your Village

Recipient’s Address


Dear (Recipient’s name),


Start the introduction with a warm greeting asking about their well-being.

In the body, describe the details of the village’s festival celebration. Talk about the details of the occasion, the items that grabbed your attention the most, the activities you participated in, and the most memorable moments you experienced.

Affectionately end the letter. Use the words like ‘See you soon’ or ‘Take care of yourself’ to show your concern about their well-being. Tell them that you will be looking forward to their reply.

When closing the letter, use a kind salutation. You may also refer to them by a nickname you have for them. It will show how close you are to them.


Q.1. How are the celebrations different in villages and cities?

Ans: Village celebrations differ from city celebrations due to differences in people living there, traditions, and culture. Villages have a higher level of community involvement and connection to nature than big cities.

Q.2. What should I include in my letter about the festival celebration?

Ans: In your letter, describe the details of the festival celebration in the village. Share about the festival, things that attracted you the most, the things you did there, and the memorable experiences that you had at that festival. Tell them about the difference that you observed between cities and villages as part of the celebration. Since you are writing to your friend, you can elaborate on the details as you wish. 

Q.3. Why is celebrating festivals in villages so joyful?

Ans: Celebrating festivals in villages brings a special kind of joy due to strong community bonds, simplicity, inclusive participation, and more connection to one’s tradition and culture.

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