Essay on Dream Job for School Students

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Essay on Dream Job

Essay on Dream Job: A dream job is more than just a place to work; it is a source of passion, fulfillment, and purpose. It’s the place where ambitions and talents combine to create a profession that makes people excited every day. A dream job is a medium for personal development and self-expression rather than just a way to earn money. Check out the sample essay on dream job in English for school students to learn more about the same. 

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Essay on Dream Job in 100 Words

Serving humanity is another way to serve mankind. Since childhood, I wanted to be a doctor. There is no other profession that takes care of sick people. That is the reason it is regarded as one of the noblest professions. Hearing unfortunate news about the deaths of people with a lack of basic healthcare facilities helped me make up my mind to go into the field of medicine. 

In addition to providing medical assistance to the underprivileged, I have a strong curiosity about the operations of various human body-related topics. One of my childhood dreams is to become a cardiologist and learn more about related diseases, and diagnoses. 

My goal is to serve underprivileged people and provide them with the best healthcare facilities possible. I am aware of the difficulties doctors have in their line of work. It is undoubtedly not an easy one. However, the satisfaction of providing for the poor and the needy is greater than all difficulties.

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Essay on Dream Job in 300 Words

My dream job is to become a teacher. Since childhood, I have been inspired by many teachers who helped their students in academics as well as in building their moral character. It is my personal belief that a good teacher always helps students make progress at every stage of life.

From my earliest memories, I have held a deep admiration for teachers. Their ability to guide the students, not just in academics but also in shaping their character, has been a constant inspiration. Becoming a teacher is just not a career choice for me; instead, it is a passion that is rooted in my belief that a good teacher helps contribute to the progress of students at every stage of life.

My childhood experiences have left an impression on me regarding the importance of experiential learning. Teachers who went beyond the traditional classroom methods such as textbooks, methods of instruction, readings, and likewise left a lasting impact on me. These teachers helped me understand that education is just not about facts and figures and developing theoretical knowledge instead it is about shaping well-rounded individuals with practical skills like inquiry-based learning, query-based learning, competency-based learning, and project-based learning. 

To pursue my dream job as a teacher I will emphasize more on learning outside the classroom. Any location, activity, or workshop helps students to learn with a real-world learning experience instead of a school curriculum. My idea behind this experiential learning is based on the motive that I want the students to grow and engage in a broader range of soft skills learning such as adaptability, time management, teamwork, and leadership. 

In conclusion, my dream job is to guide students not only with conventional methods of learning but also with practical skills that will help the students to grow toward a brighter future. 

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Essay on Dream Job in 400+ Words

The dream of serving the country in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is more than a professional aspiration. An IAS officer not only contributes towards the betterment of society but also maintains the law and order of the country, which clearly explains that IAS merely doesn´t mean a bureaucrat; instead, they are the agents of change, policy influencers, and champions of the public. 

My ambition to become an IAS has been there in my mind since childhood. An annual function has allowed me to meet a bureaucrat who has not only inspired me but also strengthened my point of view to get into Administrative services. I am aware of the challenges and setbacks that might come my way while pursuing my dream but living a dream job is something that is beyond all hurdles. 

To pursue my dream job, I have to work consistently on brushing up on my learning and growth. Exposure to various domains, such as getting a graduate degree from a recognized university in good percentages with a minimum of 21 years and not more than 32 years of age, with relaxation of age in certain categories with certain limitations of the number of attempts. Furthermore, the three important stages of the preliminary, main, and interview examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) are the challenges to strive upon. 

Any ordinary candidate who has the zeal to work hard consistently can clear the IAS examination. The best part of the preparation process is that the candidate need not be financially, culturally, and physically sound. Although some perceptions regarding the examinations such as only good academic performances, and coaching institutes can only help you in getting success are vague. Success stories of candidates from Hindi medium, disabled candidates, lack financial soundness and those from rural areas have motivated me to keep faith in the attempts with the correct approach. 

The best part of being an IAS is that it offers a wide range of diversity and opportunities. If one is dedicated to the service then one can easily live the dream of serving the country by working in the fields, managing crises, and implementing policies for the betterment of people as well as of society. 

IAS examination needs perseverance as well as patience. There will be many challenges that will obstruct my path. Sometimes it will be a failure, lack of guidance, family obligations, stress, or anxiety but the spirit of learning and updating oneself will help me to work on shortcomings. Working on continuous learning will not only help add an extra layer of knowledge but will also help in achieve my childhood dream of becoming an IAS.

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Q.1. How do I define my dream job?

Ans: A job that satisfies one with the use of talent, skills, and passion with chances to earn money is called a dream job.

Q.2. What is a dream job short note?

Ans: A dream job allows one to use their passion, ability, and skills while earning a living. It’s crucial to understand that one can start preparing in childhood for the job of their dreams. Emphasizing subjects, branching out, and honing abilities will help one land their dream job.

Q.3. What does a dream job look like?

Ans: A dream job is stimulating and demanding. A job can also be a dream since it keeps you engaged, allows you to work with supportive people, and helps you to continuously hone your skills.

Q.4. Is a dream job real?

Ans: Defining a job as a dream job requires many criteria like a good workplace, a handsome salary, career advancement, and likewise. But getting a job with all good possibilities has fewer chances therefore it can be said that a dream job is unrealistic. 

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