5 Minutes Speech on Technology and Mental Health 

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Speech on Technology and Mental Health

Technology and Mental Health Speech: Can you live without your smartphone for a minute? You know want my answer will be to this question? You guessed it right. We all have an addiction to our gadgets and it almost seems impossible to live without them.

Technology has overcome us. On one hand, technology has improved and lessened the workload on our shoulders, but on the other hand, it has become one of the ways to get distracted from work. Checking notifications every minute, worrying about the specifications of recently launched gadgets, and many other activities indicate this addiction. All this dependency somewhere leads to mental unrest as well.

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Speech on Technology and Mental Health

‘Greetings to all teachers and students gathered here. Today, I stand before you to deliver my point of view on the trending topic in society, which is technology and mental health.

As students, we are growing in an environment where technology is slowly and steadily becoming the core of our private lives. Whether it is social media, smartphones, or any electronic amenities, everywhere we are surrounded by a digital panorama. 

So shall we say that these robotics are bringing positive changes to us as well as to the community?

In the first place, advances in medical technology help in better diagnosis and treatment; conversely, telemedicine, robotic surgery, and telehealth help individuals without any geographical boundaries. Patients can easily get access to medical consultations, receive diagnoses, and even undergo surgeries without the physical availability of health consultants. 

However, the same technology that showered these unexpected miracles also has a flip side. The absence of smartphones, and social media, contributes to the feeling of loneliness and social isolation. It is therefore suggested to maintain a balance the virtual and real-world interactions. Engaging with people face-to-face not only helps in quality connection and communication but also contributes positive impacts to healthy mental conditions. 

One major concern about the impact of technology through social media is the constant exposure of carefully selected visuals and refined lifestyles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and likewise. Students need to understand that whatever they are seeing online is not the full picture. 

Another noteworthy issue of the impact of technology is the rise of cyberbullying. Anonymous people by online platforms harm individuals to engage in harmful behaviour. Students should be aware of the potential results of cyberbullying and try to connect with people whom they know well.

Apart from this online mode of communication, the prevalence of gaming and screen time among students is again a crucial area which requires attention. While video games can be entertaining and even educational too, excessive gaming may lead children to sedentary behaviour and lack of physical activity which can negatively impact mental health at last. 

Moreover, the constant gaming and screen time among students also matter as gaming excessiveness may lead to sedentary behavior and a lack of physical activity can negatively impact the mental health of the students. The practice of encouraging outdoor activities and a balanced approach to screen time can help for overall well-being of the students. 

While covering every aspect of the negative effects, how can we forget about the constant notification and overloaded information that keeps on ringing and can students stress and create hurdles in concentration? 

As students, we must learn to utilise the power of digital technology positively. Creating a healthy relationship with technology has a positive impact on mental health. It is important to prioritise self-care, with adequate sleep, physical activity, and maintaining real-world connections. You should remember that taking breaks from the digital world is a strong signal of strength and not weakness. 

In helping the students learn about the drawbacks of technology school can also play an important role. Incorporation of digital literacy and mental health into the curriculum can empower the students to understand digital technology positively. Teachers and parents should keep an open conversation about technology, mental health, and the importance of finding a balance between the two. 

In conclusion, technology and mental health are complex. While technology offers opportunities and conveniences, it also poses challenges that require thoughtful consideration. As a student, you are the architect of the future, and it depends on how you want to handle this digital age which will not only help to shape your future but also the well-being of generations to come. 

Stay connected with technology to enhance knowledge rather than hinder mental health. Do not be afraid to take support whenever need to get out of this addiction after all, everything comes with a boon as well as a bane.

Source – TEDx Talks

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10 Lines Speech on Technology and Mental Health

Here is the short and simple 10-line on technology and mental health. 

  1. The constant connectivity with overloaded information through various technical gadgets can lead to stress and anxiety.
  2. As a part of technology, social media also contributes to cyberbullying, unrealistic beauty standards,s and the omnipresent fear of missing out. 
  3. The pressure of creating an online persona likes, and comments can also pressure the mental well-being of the individual. 
  4. It is a difficult task for students to recognize the fake images and lifestyles on social media.
  5. Excessive screen time on smartphones, tablets, or computers is the source of various mental issues. 
  6. Long exposure to gadgets and screens, especially before bedtime, disturbs the sleeping pattern of a person and also affects mood as well as mental health. 
  7. It is seen that students who are addicted to online video games and social media pose a risk to their mental health. 
  8. Digital detox is necessary to detoxify from the constant stimuli of technology. 
  9. Students should be encouraged to take periodic breaks from screens and should be engaging more in outdoor activities. 
  10. Technology can be used to make use of mediate sessions and mental health resources. 


How does technology affect mental health?

Spending maximum time on social media and other online platforms can make you feel isolated. Also, constant notifications and pressure to keep one connected can lead to burnout. 

What are the 5 ways to improve mental health?

The five ways to improve mental health are as follows:
Try to spend more time in the natural environment.
Do not isolate yourself. Instead, attend social activities and connect with others.
It is suggested to give time to physical activities such as jogging, long walks, and regular exercise.
Take complete sleep.
Learn to be creative in every small thing you do.

How does screen time affect mental health?

Excessive screen time affects sleeping disturbance and can create strain in the eye. All these disturbances can affect the mental health of a person. 

Does technology affect behaviour?

Yes, technology influences the behaviour of an individual. For example, social media affects self-esteem, and online interaction can impact real-world social skills. 

What are the five negative effects of science and technology?

The five negative effects of science and technology are environmental degradation, privacy breaches, social inequalities, and misuse of user rights and creative common licences.

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