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NCERT Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher is a story about the lives of ants. As the story progresses, we get to know how ants use their intelligence to build and work inside a community in an anthill. Further, we get to learn about the loyal, caring, and hard-working nature of ants. You will get to know all about the lives of old and new ants in this blog. Also, you get NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1 in this article. Keep reading!!

Download NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1 Important Questions and Answers PDF

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Summary of NCERT Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher

“The Tiny Teacher” is a story about ants and their remarkable behavior. It highlights the intelligence and organization of ants and the lessons humans can learn from them.

The story starts by focusing on the fact that ants are the wisest living organisms you have seen. It introduces the idea that ants are the most intelligent insects, even though they are very small in size. They use their antennae to communicate with each other by passing messages. Ants come in various kinds, with the most common being black or red ants. They live in nests or anthills, which have hundreds of rooms and passages, including nurseries for young ants, worker quarters, and even separate barracks for soldiers. Each ant has its specific role, and they work harmoniously without fighting among themselves.

The queen ant is the mother of the colony. She goes on to live for about fifteen years. She plays a crucial role in laying eggs. Ants go through various life stages, from eggs to grubs, which are taken care of by workers and soldiers. After cocooning and maturing, new ants learn their duties from older ants, such as working, soldiering, building, cleaning, and more. Ants are taught discipline and hard work.

Also, the story mentions that anthills are not only homes for ants but also host other creatures like beetles, lesser ant species, and greenflies. Ants have various reasons for allowing these creatures to live in their nests, including pleasant smells, sweet juices, and some that serve as pets or playthings.

Thus, we humans can learn important values from ants, such as hard work, a sense of duty, discipline, cleanliness, care for the young, and loyalty to their environment. Therefore, the story encourages humans to take inspiration from these tiny teachers and apply these valuable life lessons in their own lives.

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Download NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1 Important Questions and Answers PDF

Chapter 1 Chapter 2Chapter 3
Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6
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NCERT Solutions Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher

Let us now explore NCERT Solutions Class 7 English an Alien Hand Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher. You can use the answers to complete your homework, your unit tests, and term exams. 

Comprehension Check I

Ques 1. The story of an ant’s life sounds almost untrue. The italicized phrase means

(i) highly exaggerated

(ii) too remarkable to be true

(iii) not based on facts

Ans: (i) highly exaggerated

Ques 2. Complete the following sentences.

(i) An ant is the smallest,________________________________________________.

(ii) We know a number of facts about an ant’s life because_____________________________.


(i) commonest and wisest insect we have seen

(ii) there are people who have kept ants as pets and have watched them closely

Comprehension Check II

Ques 1. How long does it take for a grub to become a complete ant?

Ans: A grub takes two to three weeks to grow into a cocoon and then an additional three weeks to become a complete ant.

Ques 2. Why do the worker ants carry the grubs about?

Ans: The worker ant carries the grubs about sunshine, airing, and exercise.

Ques 3. What jobs are new ants trained for?

Ans: Old ants train new ants to become workers, builders soldiers, and cleaners.

Ques 4. Name some other creatures that live in anthills.

Ans: Greenfly and beetles are the other creatures that reside in anthills.

Ques 5. Mention three things we can learn from the ‘tiny teacher’. Give reasons for choosing these items.

Ans: We can learn about loyalty, hard work, care, and cleanliness from the tiny teacher.


Ques 1. What problems are you likely to face if you keep ants as pets?

Ans: Having ants as pets could cause a few issues. They might munch on our snacks and meals, and their bites can be annoying. Plus, ants don’t follow our instructions, so it’s tricky to get them to behave the way we want.

Ques 2. When a group of bees finds nectar, it informs other bees of its location, quantity, etc. through dancing. Can you guess what ants communicate to their fellow ants by touching one another’s feelers?

Ans: Ants tell their ant friends about yummy food they find by giving each other little touches with their feelers.

Ques 3. Complete the following poem with words from the box below.

Soldiers live in barracks

And birds in_(i)________________,

Much like a snake that rests

In a__(ii)____________. No horse is able

To sleep except in a__(iii)____________.

And a dog lives well,

Mind you, only in a__(iv)_____________.

To say ‘hi’ to an ant, if you will,

You may have to climb an___(v)_______________.



(i) nests

(ii) hole

(iii) stable

(iv) kennel

(v) anthill

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Q.1. How many chapters are there in the NCERT Class 7 English An Alien Hand textbook?

Ans: There are 7 chapters in the NCERT Class 7 English supplementary textbook An Alien Hand.

Q.2. What is NCERT Solutions English an Alien Hand Chapter 1: The Tiny Teacher about?

Ans: Chapter 1 of the Class 7 English Supplementary book talks about really small teachers that we can learn a lot from. These little teachers are ants! By reading this chapter, students will find out about the daily lives of ants and the important qualities they have, like hard work, dedication, and discipline. It is like ants are showing us how to be good learners too.

Q.3. How is the queen ant described in An Alien Handbook Chapter 1?

Ans: The queen ant is like the mom of the ant family. She usually lives for around fifteen years. The queen ant has wings, but she sheds them before she starts making eggs. After that, the eggs turn into little worms called grubs. These grubs then transform into cozy cocoons, and when the time is right, the cocoons open up to reveal fully-grown ants. It’s like a magical ant life cycle!

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