Strategies to Deal with Peer Pressure and Comparison After CBSE Board Result

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How to deal with peer pressure and comparison

Now that you know that CBSE results are around the corner, students are worried and their anxiety is kicking in. Students naturally identify with or compare themselves to their peers. Peer pressure is a force that nearly everyone has encountered at some point in their lives. Young adults often debate how they want to be and where they belong in a social throng as they mature and gain a newfound sense of independence. Peer pressure has the power to influence actions and outlooks, especially in adolescents whose minds are still forming. While peer pressure has both positive and negative aspects, it is critical to understand how to deal with social stress. Strategies to deal with peer pressure and comparison after CBSE board results are provided below, as well as ways to avoid making difficult decisions that may result in negative effects.

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Tips on How to Deal with Peer Pressure

Unfortunately, it is difficult to avoid peer pressure. Outside influences will constantly urge us to take particular pathways. What matters is that we examine both positive and negative factors. Here are some suggestions for dealing with peer pressure:

Weigh your Emotions in the Decisions you Make

The way we feel at any particular time is important. When under duress and feeling particularly vulnerable, we may opt for the easy option. The eventual outcome, though, can be disastrous. Understanding how you feel and recognising unpleasant emotions might help a person avoid making unwise decisions. Avoid peers who can induce self-doubt and lack of confidence, and who may entirely dismiss your sentiments.

Find Positive Influences

It’s a good idea to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, painting, or other interests. Team building activities can help boost self-esteem and generate a support network that helps an individual to thrive. It will also help you to distract yourself from the anxiety you are facing for the upcoming CBSE results.

Plan For Your Future

Peer pressure, particularly in a hostile situation, can induce a person to panic. To reduce the possibility of making rash decisions under pressure, it’s helpful to have a plan that can help map out a reaction. Prepare for the outcomes by planning ahead of time.

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Tips on How to Deal with Comparison

  • Constantly comparing your accomplishments to those of the top students in your class might lead to low self-esteem.  There will always be someone subjectively “doing better” than you in life, and if you judge yourself by those standards, you will never feel good about yourself.  This might lead to a downward circle of abandoning ambitions because you believe you will never measure up.
  • Life is all about progress. Our own goals should be the absolute benchmark for measuring how far we have come. On the contrary, we have a tendency to use others’ accomplishments as our yardstick, which indicates we are attempting to emulate them, which Jobs strongly advised against. So, the next time someone outperforms you in an exam, don’t feel inferior and don’t let your morale suffer. Your goal was not to be first but to cross the finish line first.
  • Finally, success isn’t about living someone else’s life. It’s about your life and how you see it. Assume you are an aspiring children’s author and your book is picked up by a local press. This leads to more writing opportunities and, eventually, a decent livelihood in your area. If you compared your work with some big author in terms of revenue and fame, you would be miserable for the rest of your life. Allowing comparisons to go can help you define success for yourself.

We know that you are worried about your results but you don’t need to as this is not going to be the end of the world and we wish you the best for your CBSE results. Whatever your results might be, you will do good in the future. Hope now you know the strategies to deal with peer pressure and comparison after the CBSE board result. To read more about such CBSE blogs, check our page at Leverage edu.

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