Essay On My First Journey By Train in 500 Words for School Students in English

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Essay On My First Journey By Train

Essay on my first journey by train: An interesting and enjoyable experience could be taking a train ride. Not only they are interesting, but travelling long distances by train is pocket-friendly and comfortable. I have enjoyed taking train trips to several locations in and outside India, and these experiences have left me with some of the best memories. These have been the most thrilling and tranquil moments that life can provide.

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Essay on My First Journey by Train in 500 Words

Travelling by train is so much fun, cosy, and interesting. Indian railways have made intercity and interstate journeys so interesting and smooth. My first journey by train was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget.

My First Journey by Train

My first journey by train was from Delhi to Dehradun. This was a 6-hour 20-minute journey with my family, where we all laughed, ate lunch, and watched the beauty of the Ganga Plains. 

When I saw the New Delhi Railway Station, I had a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety, nervousness and exhilaration. Everyone at the station was in a hurry, the platform was filled with passengers waiting for their train, and the classic Indian Railway announcement was over the speakers. 

As I stepped off the train in Dehradun, a sense of achievement swept through me. I was amazed not only by the destination but also by the amazing journey. My wanderlust was sparked by this first train trip, which was a treasure trove of experiences that left me with lifelong memories.

Advantages of Journey by Train

  • Trains let you stretch out and sleep on long journeys, unlike buses or cars.
  • There isn’t a luggage limitation. Unlike flying, where there is a weight limit, travelling by rail allows one to bring as much luggage as they desire.
  • Long trips are made more comfortable by the restrooms on trains.
  • On a train, one can work or study in comfort using a laptop. As a result, the time spent travelling can be used effectively.
  • Trains are much more cost-effective than taxis and aeroplanes. It is possible to travel large distances at a low price.

Disadvantages of Journey by Train

  • The requirement to arrange the trip and purchase tickets several days in advance is one of the main drawbacks of taking the train. This is not like travelling by bus or vehicle, where one can make plans and start the journey the next day.
  • Purchasing a ticket might be rather demanding. When purchasing tickets at the train station, customers must wait in queue for hours. Purchasing train tickets online also takes a lot of time because the railway booking website might occasionally become quite slow owing to high usage.
  • Although there are restrooms and washrooms on the trains, they are not as sanitary and clean as they ought to be.
  • There are several reasons why trains are frequently delayed. This can be very tiresome and irritating.
  • Train travel takes far longer than aeroplane travel. For people who have an urgent need to get somewhere, it is not a good alternative.


Travelling by train has its benefits and drawbacks. While making advance plans, purchasing tickets, and adhering to rigorous train schedules might be annoying, they also have certain benefits, such as comfortable travel and efficient use of time. I truly enjoy taking train trips, having taken several of them.

Essay on My First Journey by Train

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Paragraph on my first journey by train

Travelling the train is always fun. They’ve always thrilled me. I have travelled by rail ever since I was a small child. My mother’s folks lived in Bihar, while we stayed in Delhi. We always travelled to Bihar by night train. We made the twice-yearly trip to see them, and I always looked forward to it since I liked the train ride just as much as I loved spending time with my grandparents. My sister and I had a terrific day together, and she was equally as happy about it.
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Q.1 How do you write a journey-by-train essay?

Ans: Writing a journey-by-train essay requires you to organise your story. Set the setting, introduce any characters, and then give an overview of the events or characters. Explain the trip, mentioning the sights and sensations, and consider their importance or influence. Summarise your feelings and thoughts to close.

Q.2 How was your first train journey?

Ans: Travelling by train is affordable, cosy, and interesting. That alone is a whole experience. Rather than hurrying to reach where I’m going, I prefer to take my time when travelling by train. I’ve met a lot of new individuals and made a lot of friends on my rail journeys.

Q.3 Is it travel by train or by train?

Ans: Grammar-wise, both travel by train and by train are acceptable. Depending on your preference, you may use either phrase. You could say, for instance, that you enjoy travelling by train or that you prefer to travel by rail.

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