Engaging Holiday Homework for Class 1: All Subjects 

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Holiday Homework for Class 1 All Subjects

Holidays are a time for fun and relaxation, but we also have some exciting learning adventures planned for you! This holiday homework for Class 1 covers all the important subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science. So, gather your pencils, pens, crayons, and curiosity, and get ready to explore, solve, and create while having a blast. Let’s make this holiday both enjoyable and educational.

Creative Holiday Homework for Class 1: All Subjects

Check out the creative and engaging activities for class 1 students to make their holiday homework less burdensome and more interesting. 

1. Subject: English (Grammar & Writing)

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with ‘is’ or ‘are’
The cat ___ on the mat.
The dogs ___ in the park.

Question 2: Choose the correct article (a, an, the)
I have ___ apple.
___ sun is shining brightly.

Question 3: Circle the noun in the sentence
The boy is playing with a ball.
The cat is sleeping on the couch.

Question 4: Match the opposites
Happy – _______
Big – _______

Question 5: Match the Sentence
Write a sentence about your favourite toy.
I love playing with my teddy bear.

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2. Subject: Mathematics (Numbers & Operations)

Holiday Homework for Class 1 All Subjects

3. Subject: Science (Living Things & their surroundings)

Question 10: Name two animals that live on a farm

Question 11: Circle the living things
Rock, Dog, Tree, Car

Question 12: What do plants need to grow?

Question 13: True or False
Fish can live out of water.
Birds have feathers.

Question 14: Match the animals with their homes
Bird – ______
Rabbit – ______

4. Subject: Social Studies (History & Geography)

Holiday Homework for Class 1 All Subjects

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5. Environmental Studies (Environmental Awareness & Health)

Question 20: What do you do to keep your hands clean?

Question 21: True or False
We should save water.
It is good to litter on the ground.

Question 22: Match the items with where they should go
Paper – ______
Banana peel – ______

Question 23: Circle the healthy foods
Chocolate, Apple, Chips, Carrot

Question 24: Draw a picture of a clean and green environment.

6. General Knowledge 

Holiday Homework for Class 1 All Subjects

7. Computer Science (Basic Concepts & Applications)

Question 30: What is a computer used for?

Question 31: Circle the parts of a computer
Monitor, Apple, Keyboard, Dog

Question 32: True or False
A mouse is used to draw pictures on the computer.
We can eat a keyboard.

Question 33: Match the following
Mouse – ______
Keyboard – ______

Question 34: Draw a picture of a computer.

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Q.1: What are the activities for Class 1 English holiday homework?

Ans: Class 1 English Holiday Homework can include a variety of activities such as reading books, writing short stories, learning new vocabulary words, practicing handwriting, and engaging in creative writing exercises.

Q.2: How do you complete holiday homework in one day?

Ans: Plan your schedule well in advance. Keep your study place neat and organized and your study materials handy.

Q.3: What are the activities for Grade 1?

Ans: 8 Activities for 1st Grade
1. Make a map of your neighbourhood. Have students create a map of important places in their neighborhood. 
2. Go on a shape hunt. 
3. Design a school backpack. 
4. Create a digital greeting. 
5. Make a Mondrian. 
6. Explore emotions with the colour monster. 
7. Celebrate a community helper. 
8. Tell a cycle story.

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