Perimeter of Rectangle: Formula and Examples 

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The Perimeter of a Rectangle is the total length of all its four sides. A Rectangle has four sides with the parallel or opposite sides being the same in measurement. Therefore, to get the Perimeter of a Rectangle you need to add up or sum up the lengths of all four sides. Moreover, since a Rectangle has two pairs of equal sides, its Perimeter can be calculated by adding together the lengths of all four sides or, more conveniently, by using a particular formula that takes advantage of the equal parallel lengths of opposite sides. Read on to learn more about this easy Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula along with Examples. 

What is a Perimeter?

The Perimeter is the total distance around its outer edge. It is a linear measurement that includes the whole boundary of the shape. For any polygon, the Perimeter is the addition or sum of the lengths of all its sides. Taking into day-to-day considerations, learning about the Perimeter is important for tasks such as fencing a garden, framing a picture, or any project that requires surrounding a space. 

Do Remember! Breadth is also known as Width. 

What is the Perimeter of a Rectangle Formula?

The Formula for finding the Perimeter of a Rectangle is easy. It advantages the aspect that opposite or parallel sides of a Rectangle are equal. If l represents the Length of the Rectangle and b represents the Breadth, the Formula for the Perimeter (P) is:

Perimeter = (Length + Breadth) ✕ 2

Therefore, this Formula emerges from the need to add the lengths of all four sides, but as there are two sides of Length l and two sides of Breadth b, the calculation becomes easy to double the Sum of the Length and Breadth.

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How to find the Perimeter of a Rectangle?

Additionally, here are the Steps as to how to find the Perimeter of a Rectangle:

  • First, you need to get the measurements of the Length and Breadth of the Rectangle. You have to make sure that the measurements are in the same unit. 
  • Then, use the Formula of the Perimeter of a Rectangle, P = (l + b) ✕ 2
  • After this, you need to add the length and breadth and multiply the result by 2 so as to get the Perimeter. 

Take a look at this example, where you have a Rectangle with a length of 8 meters and a breadth is 5 meters. 

Perimeter = (8 + 5) ✕ 2

Perimeter = 13 ✕ 2

Perimeter = 26 meters

Thus, the Perimeter of the Rectangle is 26 meters. 

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Perimeter of Rectangle Example 

Imagine you have a garden that is Rectangular in shape, and you want to install a white picket fence around it. The garden’s Length is 15 meters, and its Breadth is 10 meters. Moreover, to find out how much fencing material you need, you hence need to calculate the Perimeter.

Length = 15 meters

Breadth = 10 meters 

Using the Formula of the Perimeter of a Rectangle which is Perimeter = (Length + Breadth) ✕ 2

Perimeter = (15 + 10) ✕ 2

Perimeter = 25 ✕ 2

Perimeter = 50 meters

Therefore, you would need 50 meters of fence material to surround your beautiful garden. 


What is the formula for the perimeter of a rectangle?

The Formula for the Perimeter of a Rectangle is Perimeter = (Length + Breadth) ✕ 2. 

What is perimeter and its formula?

Perimeter is the border surrounding a shape, suppose a Rectangle and the Formula is Perimeter = (Length + Breadth) ✕ 2.

What is the area and perimeter of a rectangle?

The Area of a Rectangle is the region within the Perimeter which is the outer edge. 

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