15+ CBSE Board Results FAQs 2023

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CBSE Board Results FAQs

The CBSE board result 2023 is one of the most awaited high school results in India. More than 3.5 lakh students have appeared for the exam. Out of the total number of 38,83,710 students, 21,86,940 students have appeared for the 10th exam. While 16,96,770 students have appeared for the 12th exams. Last year, 94.40% cleared the 10th exams and a total of 92.71% of students cleared the 12th exam. The CBSE board results in 2023 and the pass percentage will be released together this year. Keep reading to get answers to the most popular CBSE Board Result FAQs 2023.

CBSE Board Result FAQs 2023

Students awaiting the CBSE board results can have several questions related to the CBSE exams. To help solve these questions we have compiled a list of the most popular CBSE board result FAQs 2023.

1. Does CBSE Repeat Questions Class 12?

Yes. There is a chance of getting repeated questions for the CBSE board exams. However, no information related to this is provided by the CBSE. Only after appearing for the exam will the student know whether the questions are repeated or not. Hence, it is advisable that the student prepares the entire syllabus before appearing for the exam and not rely on the previous year’s questions to score well.

2. Is Pre-board Marks Added in Board Exam 2023?

No, the pre-board exam marks are not added to the CBSE board exam marks. The pre-board examinations are only conducted to prepare the students for the board exams. 

3. Does CBSE Give Marks for Wrong Answers in 2023?

Yes. CBSE gives marks for attempting questions. However, it is completely dependent on the nature of the question, the tempter of the examiner, and your answer to the question. For example, if the question of the CBSE board exam is incorrect you can get marks for attempting that question. However, if you have given a wrong answer to a right question you may be granted marks if your answer is related to the correct answer.

4. Does CBSE Repeat Questions Class 10?

Yes. The CBSE syllabus is limited and well-defined. Hence, there is a strong possibility that class 10th students can get repeated questions. However, it is advisable that the student prepares for the entire syllabus and doesn’t just rely on the repeated questions to score well in the CBSE board exams 2023.

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5. From Where Does CBSE Make Question Paper Class 12?

The CBSE class 12th question paper is made by the four-member committee set up by the CBSE. The committee comprises school and college teachers for every subject. The committee will prepare the question bank, and arrange them into 3 question paper sets, This question paper is distributed to CBSE schools around the country.

6. What Happens if a Student is Absent for a CBSE Class 10 Board Exam?

When a student does not appear for the class 10th board exam he/she is considered as absent. However, the student will still have the opportunity to appear for the exam next year.

7. Does CBSE Give Marks for Attempting Questions?

Yes. CBSE will grant marks for attempting the questions. However, the answer should be related to the topic.

8. What Happens if I Fail in Pre-Board Exam Class 12?

In short, it doesn’t matter. The pre-board examinations are just practice examinations conducted for the CBSE board exams. Hence, a student who has failed the pre-board examination is still eligible for the board examination. However, low marks in the board examination would mean that the student needs to prepare well for the board exams.

9. How Do I Deal with Exam-Related Stress?

To beat the CBSE exam-related stress students can always start an early preparation. Prepare a timetable, plan for every week, include fun learning techniques and be prepared before the examination. Students should also make sure that they are exercising, eating a proper diet, and sleeping well the day before the examination. Finally, to deal with the negative thinking students can always encourage themselves and remind themselves that it is just another examination.

10. How Do I Deal With My Family’s Disappointment if My Results Are Not Good?

CBSE board examination results do not define you. Although at the time, it might seem that they do. The best way to deal with your family’s disappointment is to keep believing in yourself. Move towards your goals, and achieve great things in life. Eventually, your family will come to understand that you can do well irrespective of your results.

11. How Can I Inculcate a Positive Attitude Toward the Future When I Feel So Scared?

The best way to deal with exam stress is to prepare well for the board exams. The preparation will help you beat the exam stress. Put your best efforts and don’t worry about the results. 

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12. Why Exercise During Exam Time?

Most students feel they do not have time to exercise particularly during their examination. However, exercising regularly has its own benefits. A student who exercises on a regular basis will be physically and mentally fit. Moreover, exercise is considered a ‘stress buster’. Hence, he/she will be better prepared for the exam.

13. If a Candidate Passes in the Additional Subject but Fails in One of the Main Subjects, What Will the Result Show?

When it comes to the 12th standard students the additional subject marks will be counted instead of the subject the student has failed it. However, for this to happen the student needs to have Hindi/English as one of their main languages. For the 10th-standard students, the additional subject language marks obtained by the student will replace the marks scored by the student in the subject he/she has failed. In this case, too, the student needs to have Hindi/English as one of their main languages. 

14. What is the Provision for Private Candidates to Collect Their Results?

The results of the private candidates will not be available at the office of the Board of the Public. Hence, students need to collect the result from the examination center itself.

15. What if I Don’t Get the Marks I’m Expecting?

Students will receive the marks on the basis of their marks. In case of any discrepancy, students can submit their papers for rechecking with the CBSE. 

16. What if I Do Badly?

Students should replace self-criticism with self-correction. Try to encourage and support yourself like you would encourage a friend who has failed the examination. Create new goals for yourself and pursue them. Eventually, the pain of not scoring well in the board examination will pass.

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The CBSE Board Result FAQs 2023 includes several questions related to the exam, pre-boards, and exam preparation. CBSE board results 2023 will be declared in the month of May. To clarify more doubts students can reach out to the study abroad experts at Leverage edu

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