CBSE Class 12th Board Result Analysis

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CBSE CLass 12th Board Result analysis

According to the report of the CBSE 12th Result Analysis the overall pass rate for CBSE 12th graders this year is 92.71%.. In comparison to last year, the CBSE Class 12 results in 2022 saw a 6.66% decrease in the overall pass percentage. According to the CBSE 12th results for 2022, girls passed at a rate of 94.54% and boys scored 91.25%. In the past, CBSE Class 12th Board results have been highly competitive and have shown a steady increase in pass percentages over the years. In 2021, the overall pass percentage for CBSE Class 12th Board was 99.37%, which was an increase from the previous year’s 88.78%.

CBSE Board Class 12th 2022 

Duration Of Examination  26th April to 15th June 2022
Result of Declaration  22 July 2022 

Total Number of School and Exam Centers

Here is the CBSE 12th Result Analysis on the basis of a total number of school and Exam Center

Year  Number of Schools  Number of Exam centers 
2019 Number of Exam centers  4627
2020 13109 4984
2021 14088
2022 15079 6714 

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Overall Pass Percentage 

As per the report shared by the CBS Etotal Pass percentage records. here is the CBSE 12th Result Analysis

Year Registered  Appeared  Passed  Percentage 
2019 1218393  1205484 1005427 83.33%
2020 1203595  1192961 1059080  88.55%
2021 1369745  1304561  1296318  99.97%
2022 1444341  1435336  1330662 92.10%

Comparison of Girls and Boys 12th Board Result 

According to the CBSE’s report, girls once again outperformed boys in the 12th CBSE result 2022.

  • 94.54 percent of pupils are female
  • Number of students who are boys 91.41%
Gender  2019 2020 2021 2022
Girls  88.70% 92.16% 99.67% 94.25%
Boys  80.84% 96.15% 99.67% 91.25%
Transgender  83.33% 86.15% 100% 100%

Region Wise Percentage 

Here is the list region wise of the Percentage of CBSE 12th Result Analysis Name of the Region  Percentage 
1 Trivandrum  98.37%
2 Bangalore 98.22%
3 Chennai 97.17%
4 East Delhi 96.27%
5 West Delhi  96.27%
6 Ajmer  96.01%
7 Chandigarh  95.99%
8 Panchkula  94.33%
9 Guwahati  92.10%
10 Patna  91.01%
11 Bhopal  90.37%
12 Pune  90.37%
13 Bhubaneswar  90.37%
14 Noida  90.37%

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CBSE Board 12th CGPA Percentage Table 

This is the CBSE Board 12th CGPA percentage table 

Grade CGPA  Mark Range  Percentage 
A1 10 91-100 95%
A2 9 81-90 85%
B1 8 71-80 76%
B2 7 61-70 66%
C1 6 51-60 57%
C2 5 41-50 47%
D 4 33-40 38%
E Fail  Below 33 Eligible for improvement exam 

How to Check CBSE Board 12th Result 

Here are the following steps to help you to check your CBSE Board 12th Result 

  • Visit the Official website of the CBSE result
  • On the home page click on the section CBSE Board 12th result 
  • Fill in all the login credentials 
  • Click on the submit button 
  • Your CBSE Board 12th result will appear on your screen
  • Download your result from the Download tab 

CBSE Board 12th Result Report

According to the report the CBSE 12th Result Analysis  total 92.81% student have passed in 12th Board Exam student can easily check their result with the help of Roll Number

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Q.1. How CBSE Class 12 result will be calculated?

Ans: For Class 12, the schools’ half-yearly or pre-board exams will be used to evaluate each subject’s theory marks. Pre-board tests for Class 12 will make up 40% of the evaluation criteria. Board exams for Class 10 will make up 30% of the tests; Class 11 will make up the remaining 30%

Q.2. How much percentage is considered good in Class 12 CBSE?

Ans: The half-yearly or pre-board exams given by the schools will be utilized to determine the theory marks for each subject in Class 12. For Class 12, pre-board exams will account for 40% of the evaluation criteria. Class 10 board examinations will make up 30% of the assessments, with Class 11 board exams making up the remaining 30%.

Q.3. Is 76 Percent good in Class 12?

Ans: Ideally, 76 percent is not that bad a percentage in class 12th. However, due to the rising pressure, competition, and specific percentage criteria set by the universities, it is on the lower side. Students should try to get percentages keeping the kind of universities in mind they are targeting.


This was all about CBSE Class 12th Result Analysis, for more updates and notifications about the 12th CBSE board result follow Leverage Edu 

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