Important Tips to Crack IGNOU Exams: Complete Guide

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Tips To Crack IGNOU Exams

IGNOU provides quality education to different sets of students studying here. Also, it conducts exams annually or semi-annually. To clear, you need some tips and tricks that will help you crack the examination easily without any failure. We’ll show you expert tips, useful strategies, and tried and true methods that will help you do great in every subject, from learning the material to managing your time well during exams. Prepare yourself for your IGNOU exams with these tips and tricks.

7 Tips to Crack IGNOU Exams

Below are some tips that will help you to crack the examination in one go and smoothly. Follow these tips to prepare and strategize your studies well.

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⏩ Understand the Syllabus Well

The first step for good preparation is to understand the syllabus well. It also includes understanding the weightage that each section carries, it will help you plan and prioritize each section of your studies. It is suggested that you understand the syllabus well before starting your studies.

⏩ Create a Study Schedule

Make a study schedule by prioritizing your studies according to the weight they carry. Try to cover the topics that seem hard to you first and are high in weight. After that, plan to cover the small and lightweight topics. Planning your studies like this will help you excel in your examinations.

⏩Optimum Use of IGNOU Study Material

IGNOU provides comprehensive study materials. Make sure to go through these materials, as they can be your key to clearing the exam without any failure and can also help to cover the important concepts for the same.

⏩Practice with Previous Papers

Try to solve previous years’ question papers. This will give you an idea of the exam pattern and question types, and help you manage time during the exam. Sit your 3 hours straight and practice the paper exactly like you are sitting in the examination hall.

⏩Online Resources

Support your studies with online resources, such as video lectures, forums, and study groups. These will provide extra support to your studies.

⏩Healthy Routine

A healthy routine will lead to increased focus and better concentration. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep. A healthy body and mind are better equipped for effective studying.

⏩Regular Revisions

Allocate time for revision before the exam. Reviewing key concepts and practicing mock tests will help you to remember important concepts before the examination day. Additionally, it will lead to a boost in your confidence.

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📌 Pro Tip: Consistent effort is essential for success in IGNOU exams. Compliment your study with the right strategy to make optimum use of your strengths.


How to perform time management during exams?

Attempt the questions that carry heavy weight first and then move on to the rest of the parts of the question paper.

What is the use of a study plan?

It helps to plan the studies in the right way which ultimately leads to scoring optimum marks in the examination.

How can I find additional study materials and IGNOU resources?

You can find ample study materials on the online platform, just make sure that the materials you are using are from a trusted source.

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