How to Write IGNOU Assignment? Front Page Tips, Last Dates

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How to Write IGNOU Assignment

How to write IGNOU Assignment for a good score, is the most popular query among students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Candidates must submit the assignment on time so that they can appear in the IGNOU exam. The IGNOU June exam is likely to be conducted from June 1 to July 6, 2024. The IGNOU assignment holds a 30% weightage in the exam, so make sure that you submit it.

We are going to provide you with all the necessary instructions you need to know for writing your assignment including the IGNOU assignment front page pdf download. Keep reading this blog if you want to know how to write an IGNOU assignment to score good marks. 

How to Create IGNOU Assignment First Page?

It’s time to know how to make its cover page. Students often get a bit confused when it comes to creating the first page or cover page of the IGNOU assignment. The front page can be handwritten as well and does not need to be typed. Well, we have mentioned the IGNOU assignment front page pdf download link to help you better.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page PDF

Keep these points in mind while creating the first page of the IGNOU assignment. 

  • Details of Candidates: The front page, or cover page, of your IGNOU assignment answer sheet, needs to contain your fundamental details. It should have your name, course code, enrollment number, programme code, submission date, and study centre code. 
  • Cross Verify the Details before Submission- Ensure that the details you provide on the first page are free of errors. 

Have a look at the format of the cover page below:

Instructions on How to Write IGNOU Assignment 

Candidates must carefully understand every step before writing their IGNOU assignment to avoid any errors. There are some instructions that you need to keep in mind while writing your assignment. Have a look at the step-by-step instructions on how to write an IGNOU assignment:

  • Write Notes- It should be noted that IGNOU only accepts handwritten assignments. Therefore, you should not type or print out your assignments. 
  • A4 Size Paper- Ensure you only write on foolscap or A4-sized paper as you complete your assignment.  
  • Space for Remarks- After you have finished your response, leave at least one or two lines blank so the assessor can provide feedback.
  • Paper Choice- Instead of using blank paper to do your assignment, IGNOU officials recommend using ruled paper.
  • Choice of Pen- To complete their assignments during each TEE session, candidates may use a black or blue pen. Candidates are not permitted to use red or other coloured pens.
  • Handwriting- In addition to this, having better handwriting allows you to finish your assignments more effectively.
  • Avoid Copying- Copied responses are going to get a score of zero. Make sure that you don’t replicate any assignments from other students, otherwise, the centre can reject your assignment. 
  • Question Paper- You do not have to include a question paper, but you should write each one out before you submit it. 
  • Make Presentable- Once you have completed the assignment writing task, use a paper file to properly arrange all the assignments. 
  • Submit the Assignment of your study centre- Any other IGNOU centre, like the Regional Centre, Evaluation Division, or Registration for Evaluation, cannot receive the assignment from students. 

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Tips On How to Write IGNOU Assignment  

The evaluator is going to see two crucial things to assess your assignment. So, make sure that you keep in mind the points provided below while writing your assignment. 


  • Appropriateness of your Information: In your content, the evaluator wants to see the relevance of the topic, appropriateness of your information, and unbiasedness. Make sure that you keep everything to the point. 
  • Analysis: Make sure that the information you are providing has been taken from the right source and contains in-depth knowledge. 


  • Conciseness– Ensure that your content is concise and you draw lines after each answer. You should also use charts for clear explanations. 
  • Language and Expression– Make sure that you are using proper grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. 

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Last Date to Submit IGNOU Assignment

The final day to turn in your IGNOU assignment for the July session is tentatively set for September 10, 2023. Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) level programmes in the online and ODL modes have started accepting IGNOU assignments for the December 2023 term as of August 10, 2023. It should be noted that you can only take the exam if your assignment has been turned in. 

How to Submit IGNOU Assignments Online and Offline 

Once you have prepared your assignment, it’s time to submit it. There are two available options for submitting your assignment, online mode and offline mode. Let’s look at the online method first. 

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Follow these steps to submit the IGNOU assignment online:

  • Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of IGNOU at
  • Step 2: Go to the news and events section of the IGNOU Regional Center’s official webpage.
  • Step 3: You will see an option for Assignment Submission or Assignment Guidelines. Click on the option and continue with your submission process. 
  • Step 4: You will be provided with a form to fill out. Fill out the form properly, and provide your mandatory details like your name, programme code, enrollment number, and other important information. 
  • Step 5: Finally, submit your phone and attach a scanned copy of your assignment. 


Students can also submit their assignments via offline mode. You can easily do that by just visiting your study centre. Make sure that your assignment has all the mandatory information as explained above before you submit it. 

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What format does an IGNOU writing assignment follow?

Your IGNOU assignment must be written on A4-sized blank paper, though the ruled paper is also acceptable. IGNOU assignment: should it be typed or handwritten? You have to write your assignment by hand. Assignments that are typewritten or printed won’t be accepted.

Do IGNOU assignments require written questions?

Yes, you must write the questions in your assignments first, followed by the beginning of your responses. Answers shouldn’t be written in the form of essays, but you still need to prepare in a way that makes sense to the investigator. such as points, diagrams, and paragraphs for each new point, if necessary.

How should I structure my assignment?

The following will make up the general structure: title, introduction, major body, and conclusion. Although they don’t really offer much to the essay’s content, an introduction and conclusion are nonetheless necessary. The majority of your preparation should go into how to arrange the concepts in the main body.

What type of pen should I use for writing my IGNOU assignment?

The assignment needs to be written on an A4 sheet with a black or blue ballpoint pen. Make sure that you write everything in neat handwriting. 

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