How to Get IGNOU Enrollment Number?

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Enrolling in a university is a significant step towards achieving your academic goals and career aspirations. For students admitted to the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), a unique identifier plays a pivotal role in their academic journey – the IGNOU Enrollment Number. Much more than just a combination of digits, this Enrollment Number holds the key to a seamless and organised experience throughout your time at IGNOU. In this article, we will delve into the importance of the IGNOU Enrollment Number, its various applications, and how you can obtain or retrieve it when needed.

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Steps to Get Your IGNOU Enrollment Number

Comprehending the pivotal role of the IGNOU Enrollment Number, let us delve into the avenues for its initial acquisition or subsequent retrieval when forgotten. Keep in mind that the enrollment number is required to pay IGNOU Fees or even if you want to change your subject at IGNOU.

Acknowledging the Admission Confirmation Letter

Upon successful admission to Indira Gandhi National Open University, an Admission Confirmation Letter is dispatched to you, often containing your Enrollment Number. Peruse your records or refer to any correspondence associated with your admission to unearth this indispensable document.

Navigating the IGNOU Student Portal

Embark on a virtual journey to the official IGNOU website (, effectuate a login to the IGNOU Student Portal utilizing your credentials, and navigate to your student profile or dashboard. Your Enrollment Number should be prominently showcased in this section.

Engaging with the Regional Centre

Should the aforementioned methods yield no fruition, establish contact with your local IGNOU Regional Centre. Furnish relevant details such as your name, program of study, and any additional pertinent information. The centre will extend assistance in reacquiring your Enrollment Number.

Recollecting the Forgotten Enrollment Number? Here’s How to Proceed

In the event that your Indira Gandhi National Open University Enrollment Number slips your memory, adhere to the subsequent steps:

  • Students can easily find the IGNOU Enrollment Number on the official documents of admission including admission confirmation or Identity Card.
  • Establish contact with the nearest IGNOU Regional Centre, presenting details encompassing your name, date of birth, program, and other pertinent particulars. They shall proffer guidance for the recovery of your Enrollment Number.
  • Access the IGNOU Student Portal and navigate to your student profile or dashboard, as this section might unveil your Enrollment Number.
  • In the eventuality of these measures faltering, establish a connection with IGNOU Student Support via their helpline or email. Furnish precise particulars, and they shall guide you in the process of reacquiring your Enrollment Number.

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Significance of the IGNOU Enrollment Number

While the IGNOU Enrollment Number might seem like a rudimentary alphanumeric sequence, its resonance permeates the university’s administrative and academic fabric. Below is an elucidation of why this number is of paramount significance:

1. Identification and Effective Correspondence

The IGNOU Enrollment Number serves as your distinctive identifier within the university’s expansive student community. When interacting with IGNOU – whether through emails, letters, or other modes of communication – the provision of your enrollment number enables precise identification and responsive addressing of your queries or concerns. This personalized approach fosters fluid and effective interactions with the university.

2. Crucial for Assignment Submissions

Assignments are an integral component of IGNOU’s evaluation framework. Your Enrollment Number is a mandatory inclusion on the coversheets of your assignments. By featuring this number, your assignments are securely linked to your student profile, ensuring accurate and efficient assessment.

3. Indispensable for Examination Registration

Prior to engaging in IGNOU’s term-end examinations, registering for these exams is obligatory. Your Enrollment Number assumes a pivotal role in this registration process. It guarantees proper allocation to the designated examination centre and an accurate correlation of your exam scores with your student profile.

4. Facilitating Study Material Distribution

IGNOU prides itself on disseminating comprehensive study materials to its students. When collecting study materials from your regional centre, your Enrollment Number might be required for verification. This safeguard guarantees that study materials are dispensed solely to eligible recipients.

5. Gateway to Online Resources

In the era of technological advancement, IGNOU extends an online learning platform known as eGyanKosh. This platform houses supplementary study materials, past question papers, and a diverse array of resources. Accessing these resources often mandates the usage of your Enrollment Number as your username or an element of your login credentials. This not only fortifies the security of your account but also empowers you to harness the full potential of online resources.

6. Enabler of Result Declaration

Upon the culmination of term-end examinations, IGNOU releases the results. Your Enrollment Number serves as the conduit connecting your examination scores to your student profile. This linkage facilitates online access to your results or engagement with other official IGNOU channels.

7. Streamlining Interaction with IGNOU Officials

Whether you seek guidance from faculty members, regional centre staff, or other support services, the submission of your Enrollment Number streamlines the process of identification. By furnishing your Enrollment Number, you expedite the accurate and efficient resolution of your inquiries or concerns.


Why is the IGNOU Enrollment Number important?

The IGNOU Enrollment Number is important as it serves as a unique identifier throughout your academic journey. It is used for communication, assignment submission, examination registration, accessing online resources, result declarations, and more.

How can I find my IGNOU Enrollment Number?

You can find your IGNOU Enrollment Number by checking your Admission Confirmation Letter, and IGNOU Identity Card, logging in to the IGNOU Student Portal, or contacting your Regional Centre for assistance.

What should I do if I forget my IGNOU Enrollment Number?

If you forget your IGNOU Enrollment Number, you can retrieve it by checking your admission confirmation letter, or IGNOU Identity Card, contacting the Regional Centre, logging in to the IGNOU Student Portal, or reaching out to IGNOU Student Support for guidance.

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    1. Hii, sir I’m ignou student and i forgot my bdp enrollment number please suggest me how can I find my enrollment number

  1. Hi sir i didn’t get my enrollment number during admission so how i get my eneollment no. Of ignou i have already paid full fee

    1. Hii, sir I’m ignou student and i forgot my bdp enrollment number please suggest me how can I find my enrollment number