What are Free Courses at IGNOU for SC ST Students?

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Hello students if you want to know about the list of courses for the SC/ST students that are totally free of course at IGNOU, then you are at the right article. These courses are worth doing as they provide high-quality education to the students. IGNOU is an open university that aims to provide quality education at minimal or no cost. With quality education, it also focuses on the students who cannot afford even the minimal fee to pursue their education. Hence, the university also provides certain courses that are free of cost, let’s have a look at some of them.

Fee Exemption Criteria

If you are taking new admission, then there are a total of 55 programs in which you will get relaxation in fees. However, there is a condition that you will need to pay at least 300 rupees minimum registration fees.

  • Your total income in the last financial year cannot exceed a total of 2.5 lakh.
  • You will need an income certificate which need to upload online at the admission portal.
  • To avail of this facility you need to have an SC/ST Certificate, which should be issued by the Central/State Government.  You need to upload the softcopy of the certificate to the Admission Portal.

List of Free Courses at IGNOU for SC ST Students

Here is the list of those courses that are totally free of cost but do not comprise at all when it comes to quality education. 


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  • CAFE: Certificate in HIV and Family Education
  • CAHT: Certificate in Anti-Human Trafficking
  • CAL: Certificate in Arabic Language
  • CCLBL: Certificate in Co-operation, Co-operative Law and Business Laws
  • CCPD: Certificate in Power Distribution
  • CCR: Certificate in Community Radio
  • CETM: Certificate in Energy Technology and Management
  • CFAID: Certificate in First Aid
  • CFDE: Certificate in Fashion Design
  • CIB: Certificate in Beekeeping
  • CIS: Certificate in Sericulture
  • CLTA: Certificate in Life and Thought of Ambedkar
  • COF: Certificate in Organic Farming
  • CPABN: Certificate in Performing Arts – Bharatnatyam
  • CPAHM: Certificate in Performing Arts — Hindustani Music
  • CPAKM: Certificate in Performing Arts—Karnatak Music
  • CPATHA: Certificate in Performing Arts — Theatre Arts
  • CPF: Certificate in Poultry Farming
  • CTRBS: Certificate in Tribal Studies
  • CVAA: Certificate in Visual Arts — Applied Arts
  • CVAP: Certificate in Visual Arts – Painting
  • CWHM: Certificate in Water Harvesting and Management


  • PGCAE: Post Graduate Certificate in Adult Education
  • PGCAP: Post Graduate Certificate in Agriculture Policy
  • PGCBHT: Post Graduate Certificate in Bangala-Hindi Translation
  • PGCCC: PG Certificate in Climate Change
  • PGCCL: Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law
  • PGCGI: PG Certificate in Geo-Informatics
  • PGCGPS: Post Graduate Certificate in Gandhi and Peace Studies
  • PGCIATIVI: PG Certificate in Information & Assistive Technologies for the Instructors
  • PGCMHT: PG Certificate In Malayalam Hindi Translation
  • PGCPP: Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice


  • DAQ: Diploma in Aquaculture
  • DCCN: Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
  • DCE: Diploma in Creative Writing in English
  • DIPP: Diploma in Paralegal Practice
  • DMOP: Diploma in Modern Office Practice
  • DTG: Diploma in Teaching German as a Foreign Language
  • DUL: Diploma in Urdu

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  • PGDAC: Post Graduate Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
  • PGDAPP: Post Graduate Diploma In Audio Programme Production
  • PGDBP: Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing
  • PGDDVS: PG Diploma in Development Studies
  • PGDEOH: PG Diploma in Environmental and Occupational Health
  • PGDET: Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology
  • PGDFCS: Post Graduate Diploma In Folklore and Culture Studies
  • PGDGPS: Post Graduate Diploma In Gandhi and Peace Studies
  • PGDHE: Post Graduate Diploma In Higher Education
  • PGDIS: Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security
  • PGDLAN: Post Graduate Diploma in Library Automation and Networking
  • PGDPSM: Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sales Management
  • PGDSS: Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Science

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Is there any fee concession for SC students in IGNOU?

Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Minority/PWD can take advantage of fee waiver/reimbursement/exemption/scholarship offered by UGC/MHRD/various State Governments/Govt.

Do free courses offer quality education?

Yes, the free courses here offer quality education.

Is fee exemption available to SC ST students?

Yes, it is available for fresh registration and re-registration.

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