What is the Difference Between XAT and MAT?

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What is the Difference Between XAT And MAT?

Difference Between XAT and MAT: Selecting the right MBA entrance exam is a big step. Students might be wondering, “Should they take the XAT or the MAT?”. Both XAT and MAT are sought after MBA entrance exams in India. However, they have some fundamental differences. Don’t worry, students would not need a solver to understand them! In this blog, we will break down the minor differences between XAT and MAT in easy terms, so that you can choose the exam that best suits your strengths, ability and goals.

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Difference Between XAT And MAT: Overview

XAT stands for Xavier Aptitude Test. It is a big entrance exam in India for people who want to get into Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs at some of the best business schools. The test checks your reading comprehension, math skills, decision-making abilities, and even how well you write. It’s kind of like a hurdle you jump over to show you’re ready for the challenges of business school. 

On the other hand, the Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) is like a backup plan for the government. It boots in if a company’s regular tax is too low compared to its profits. This exam provides the company pays at least a minimum amount of tax, regardless of how much they reduce their regular bill. It is kind of like a safety net to make sure businesses contribute their fair share.

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Difference Between XAT And MAT Exam Pattern and Structure

XAT and MAT are both entrance exams for MBA programs in India, but they differ in their format and difficulty. Here’s a quick description:

XAT is considered the tougher exam. MAT is generally seen as the easier option. 
It is a computer-based test with a mix of question types, including multiple-choice, essay-writing, and decision-making tasks.It is a paper-based exam with mostly multiple-choice questions.
It tests your verbal, logical, and quantitative skills along with your decision-making abilities.It focuses on core areas like math, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning.

Difference Between XAT and MAT – Marking Scheme

The marking schemes for XAT and MAT differ significantly. Here is a detailed comparison:

For each correct answer +1 mark.For each correct answer +1 mark.
For each incorrect Answer -0.25 marks (for the first three sections.For each incorrect Answer: -0.25 marks.
No penalty for up to 8 unattempted questions. Above this, a penalty of -0.10 marks is applied for each unattempted question.For each unattempted question, there is no penalty for unattempted questions.

In XAT, there is no negative marking for this section. In contrast, MAT applies the same marking rules, including negative marking, to all sections, including Indian and Global Environment.

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Preparation Tips for XAT & MAT

Below we have mentioned the tips that students require for XAT & MAT preparation. First Let’s look into preparation tips for XAT exam.


Here are some pointers to help you ace your exam:

  • Learn the Course: First up, understand what subjects you will be tested on. XAT covers Quantitative Ability (math), Verbal Ability (reading, thinking), Decision Making (problem-solving under pressure), Data Interpretation (charts and graphs), and Essay Writing.
  • Prepare Your Training: Make a study schedule that works for your life. take 3-4 hours daily, focusing on the weak part of the exam first.
  • Build a Strong Foundation: Before diving into difficult problems, learn the basic ideas of each subject. This is like building strong muscles for the race.
  • Preparation will enhance your skill: Solve a bunch of mock tests (practice exams) and practice questions to enhance your accuracy and speed. Examine your mistakes after each test to learn from them.


The MAT can be your gateway to a top MBA program, but acing it needs a wise approach. Here are some of the tips to from which you can get started with:

  • Understand the field: Before you jump in, understand what you are up against. Educate yourself with the MAT syllabus, which includes sections like:
    • Indian and Global Environment: Current affairs and business awareness
    • Language Understanding: Reading skills and English grammar
    • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: Working with data and solving puzzles
    • Mathematical Skills: Basic math concepts and calculations

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Q1. Which students consider better, XAT or MAT?

Ans: XAT is believed to be almost equivalent to CAT. Students who have struggled to score well in CAT will find it extremely challenging to score in XAT. Nevertheless, MAT is believed to be an easier option, and the majority of students who appear in MAT exams end up scoring well.

Q2. What do you understand by CAT, XAT, and MAT?

Ans: CAT, MAT, and XAT are the most popular entrance exams for MBA in India as they are useful for admission to a large number of MBA colleges. These exams are held at all India levels and any student who is a graduate can appear for them.

Q3. Is the MAT exam tougher than the XAT exam?

Ans: While XAT is known for its high level of difficulty, MAT is somewhat easier. Candidates should select the exam that aligns with their strengths and priorities and prepare therefore to crack the exam.

This was all about the what is the difference between XAT And MAT. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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