Top 5 Tips and Strategies to Crack the JEE Main Exam

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top 5 tips and best strategies to crack JEE Main

The Joint Entrance Examination (“JEE”) is one of the most coveted examinations in India with lakhs of students aspiring to clear the exam to pursue undergraduate courses in some of India’s top engineering colleges such as IITs, NIITs, etc. The JEE Main is the first step for various engineering aspirants toward fulfilling their dream of studying at an IIT. Once a candidate clears the JEE Main, he/she goes on to qualify and appear for the JEE Advanced. Given the amount of workload and pressure a candidate may face while appearing for this exam, here are top 5 tips and best strategies to crack JEE Main and make a beeline for your dream college.

Top 5 Tips For Cracking the JEE Main

In light of the extreme competition involved in the JEE exam as well as the difficulty level of the exam, what sets an individual apart is how he/she strategizes and plans for the exam. This planning and proper execution thereof may often end up being the difference between clearing the exam or not making the cut-off.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 tips and best strategies to crack JEE Main:

  1. Plan your preparation time according to the weightage and difficulty level of each topic. Simpler topics that merely require refreshing or revision should be left for later whereas topics that are high in weightage and difficult should be given priority. While it is a tempting idea to finish the smaller and easier topics first, it is best to keep them for later. 
  1. Take as many mock tests as possible and time yourself. Once you feel adequately prepared for the exam, it is best to attempt mock tests as well as previous question papers to understand where you stand in your preparation. Further, such mock tests will also give you an idea as to how much time you are spending in each section of the exam. 
  1. Prepare a study timetable by dividing your time amongst subjects and further subdividing that time for particular topics or chapters. This will help you set an attainable and realistic goal. Further, the achievement of such goals will boost your confidence as well.
  1. Prepare your notes for the examination. The habit of note-taking might be a little difficult to pick up in the first place but once you have developed the habit, it would prove to be extremely beneficial for the exam. These notes can also be used for a quick revision just before the exam.
  2. Seek clarification of doubts and do not make assumptions. It is obvious that during your preparation, you will face certain topics or questions you cannot understand or solve. At this juncture, it is best to seek help from your teachers, academic mentors, or even your friends. Do not leave topics in which you require clarification by assuming that they will not come in the exam. 

Strategies to Crack JEE Exam

In addition to the above-noted tips, there are certain best practices and strategies that you can implement and inculcate in your daily routine to help you race ahead of the competition and (hopefully) ace the exam. These are top 5 tips and best strategies to crack JEE Main:

  1. Follow the syllabus and choose the right books – JEE Mains has a well-defined syllabus. Accordingly, it is imperative to follow the syllabus and choose the books that cover the syllabus. While usually NCERT books are recommended for preparation, it is also advisable to look at other recommended books beyond NCERT to gain comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus.
  1. Practice makes perfect – While certain subjects only require memorization of theory, success in subjects like maths and physics is based on not just theory but constant solving of problems and practice. Constantly practicing problems will not only increase your speed but also boost your confidence before the exam.
  1. Keep aside time to relax – One can be excused for putting all their energy and focus on this one exam, especially when the future of a candidate hinges on this exam. However, one must keep aside some time not only to relax and get proper sleep but also to unwind and get your mind off the exam. This time can be particularly stress-inducing and it is important to distract yourself from the stress and enjoy some downtime. 
  1. Concentrate on physical fitness – As the old saying goes, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Accordingly, for a candidate to perform at an optimal level mentally, it is important that they are physically fit and free of any ailments. Try doing some kind of physical exercise/activity in your spare time. 
  1. Keep some time aside for revision – Revision is crucial not just to refresh what you have learnt previously but also to gauge whether you remember what you had learnt a few days or weeks earlier. If you keep revision for the last night and are unable to remember anything, last-minute chaos and panic may kick in. Accordingly, revise previous topics a few days before the exam to allow yourself time to re-read certain topics, if required.
  1. Keep a positive attitude and mindset – It can be easy to be bogged down by the pressure and stress of an exam. However, keeping a positive mindset will not only help you stay at ease within yourself but also help you perform better.


Which subjects constitute the JEE Mains exam?

There are a total of three (3) broad sections, namely, Maths, Physics, and Chemistry

Where can I find the mock tests for JEE Main?

The mock tests will be available on the official website of the National Testing Agency

Is there a negative marking in the JEE Main exam?

Yes. While four (4) marks are awarded for each correct answer, there is a negative marking of one (1) mark for each incorrect answer. 

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