How to Improve VARC for CAT?

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How to Improve VARC for CAT

How to Improve VARC for CAT: VARC (Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension) section in CAT 2024 exam that requires consistency and planning along with knowledge about its fundamentals. This section mainly focuses on basic-level English Grammar. Candidates can prepare well for this section with a constant process. The VARC section consists multiple of English grammar topics such as vocabulary, Grammar, Verbal Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. One cannot crack VARC without having a good knowledge of its components.

Struggles while Preparing for CAT VARC Section

There are certain situations in which candidates face complications while they are preparing for the VARC for CAT:

  • It is difficult to concentrate throughout the entire reading comprehension. 
  • Many answers that are supposed to be correct turn out to be wrong.
  • Confusion about trying the question or leaving the question in case you have eliminated two options.
  • In the Inability to connect different sentences in the VA section.
  • It is also necessary to manage time to attempt the questions. There are times when candidates read the RC but they are not able to answer the questions due to time constraints.

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Issues Aspirants Face while Attempting CAT VARC Section

Students appearing for the CAT exam find this section challenging to score. The first reason is that there is no such detailed study material. And second, because it is not a subject that can be learned or mastered by solving a series of questions. The typical problems candidates face are:

  • Failure to concentrate throughout the RC’s section.
  • Not able to understand the idea and logic of the para given.
  • Confusion in deciding to attempt the question or leave it because of an uncertain answer.
  • Inability to work through the options perfectly in the para summary. It has negative markings for every wrong answer.
  • Not understanding the meaning, synonym or antonym of a word.

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How Aspirants Can Improve the Accuracy of CAT VARC?

Here are some tips one can follow to improve the accuracy of CAT VARC:

  • Candidates should adopt a habit of reading daily.
  • You can read articles, newspapers, and anything you enjoy the most. This makes vocabulary and comprehension easier.
  • Practice brushing up your skills perfectly and solve bunches of VARC practice problems, focusing on past CAT papers and mock tests.
  • Comprehend before answering do not just rush. Read the passage carefully to learn the main idea before diving into questions.
  • Concentrate on Keywords: Underline key points and ideas in the passage for concern while answering.

CAT VARC Section: Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Based on the exam pattern which is followed by the CAT 2022 exam, the VARC section comprises 24 questions out of a total of 66 questions. These questions are divided into two subsections: reading comprehension and verbal ability. Reading comprehension holds a higher weightage with 16 questions while verbal ability comprises 8.

Total Questions for VARC24
Marking Scheme+3 for a right answer
-1 for a wrong answer
No negative marking for TITA
Multiple-choice Questions21
Division of questions16 questions of RC- 4 passages having 4 questions each
8 questions of VA- 3 Para jumbles, 2 Odd Sentence Paracompletions and 3 Parasummary
Type in the Answer (TITA) questions3
Main TopicsParajumbles, summary, facts, inferences, reading comprehension, etc.
Total Time for Section40 minutes

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How hard is it to get a VARC for a CAT?

The toughness of this section is not predictable, but one can consider it to range between average to difficult. CAT’s VARC Section includes 24 Questions. 16 out of 24 Questions are based on Reading comprehension, therefore your ability to understand plays a vital role in this section.

How can you maximize your score in VARC?

The trick here is not to understand every word of the comprehension. All that is required is an understanding of the passage’s main theme. If the passage is authentic/data-based, write down the essential figures on a rough page to use in answering the questions.

Which is the most difficult section in CAT?

This exam is divided into three sections: Reading Comprehension (VARC), Verbal Ability Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Ability (QA). Among these, the VARC section is widely considered the most difficult section due to its outstanding challenges.

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