9+ Previous Year CAT Questions on Percentage 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019: Check Answers

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Previous Year CAT Questions on Percentage

Previous Year CAT Questions on Percentage: Approximately, 4–5 questions of percentage are asked in the CAT Quant Section every year. In addition to CAT, percentage questions are also asked in other competitive exams as well, such as MAT, XAT, and UPMCAT. The questions on percentage are of moderate level in the CAT exam. To help aspirants prepare for CAT percentage questions, the blog enlists previous year’s questions of 2023-2019.

Previous Year CAT Questions on Percentage

The following sections contain previous year CAT questions on percentage for 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019.

CAT Previous Year Questions 2023

The salaries of three friends Sita, Gita and Mita are initially in the ratio 5: 6: 7, respectively. In the first year, they get salary hikes of 20%, 25% and 20%, respectively. In the second year, Sita and Mita get salary hikes of 40% and 25%, respectively, and the salary of Gita becomes equal to the mean salary of the three friends. The salary hike of Gita in the second year is

A) 26%

B) 28%

C) 25%

D) 30%

Correct Answer: 26%

The population of the town in 2020 was 100000. The population decreased by y% from the year 2020 to 2021 and increased by x% from the year 2021 to 2022, where x and y are two natural numbers. If the population in 2022 was greater than the population in 2020 and the difference between x and y is 10, then the lowest possible population of the town in 2021 was

A) 7300

B) 74000

C) 72000

D) 7500

Correct Answer: 7300

Class B has 50% more students than class A. Number of girls in class A is equal to number of boys in class B. The percentage of girls is the same in both classes. What percentage of the student group are boys?

A) 36%

B) 38%

C) 40%

D) 30%

Correct Answer: 40%

Traders A and B buy two goods for Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000 respectively. Trader A marks his goods up by x%, while trader B marks his goods up by 2x% and offers a discount of x%. If both make the same non-zero profit, find x.

A) 36%

B) 25%

C) 56%

D) 23%

Correct Answer: 25%

CAT Percentage Questions 2022

In an election, there were four candidates and 80% of the registered voters cast their votes. One of the candidates received 30% of the cast votes while the other three candidates received the remaining cast votes in the proportion 1: 2 : 3. If the winner of the election received 2512 votes more than the candidate with the second highest votes, then the number of registered voters was:

A) 62800

B) 6500

C) 1200

D) 7432

Correct Answer: 62800

CAT 2021

Identical chocolate pieces are sold in boxes of two sizes, small and large. The large box is sold for twice the price of the small box. If the selling price per gram of chocolate in the large box is 12% less than that in the small box, then the percentage by which the weight of chocolate in the large box exceeds that in the small box is nearest to

A) 120

B) 127

C) 130

D) 140

Correct Answer: 127

In a group of people, 28% of the members are young while the rest are old. If 65% of the members are literates, and 25% of the literates are young, then the percentage of old people among the illiterates is nearest to  

A) 32

B) 66

C) 43

D) 67

Correct Answer: 66

CAT Percentage Questions 2020

In May, John bought the same amount of rice and the same amount of wheat as he had bought in April, but spent ₹ 150 more due to price increase of rice and wheat by 20% and 12%, respectively. If John had spent ₹ 450 on rice in April, then how much did he spend on wheat in May? 

A) 321

B) 560

C) 443

D) 767

Correct Answer: 560

CAT Percentage Questions 2019

The income of Amala is 20% more than that of Bimala and 20% less than that of Kamala. If Kamala’s income goes down by 4% and Bimala’s goes up by 10%, then the percentage by which Kamala’s income would exceed Bimala’s is nearest to

A) 36

B) 45

C) 31

D) 29

Correct Answer: 31

Meena scored 40% in an examination and after review, even though her score is increased by 50%, she failed by 35 marks. If her post-review score is increased by 20%, she will have 7 marks more than the passing score. The percentage score needed to pass the examination is

A) 45

B) 46

C) 70

D) 75

Correct Answer: 70 

In 2010, a library contained a total of 11500 books in two categories – fiction and non-fiction. In 2015, the library contained a total of 12760 books in these two categories. During this period, there was a 10% increase in the fiction category while there was a 12% increase in the non-fiction category. How many fiction books were in the library in 2015?

A) 6600

B) 180

C) 520

D) 870

Correct Answer: 6600

Source: MBA Pathshala
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Q1. How many percentage questions are on the CAT?

Ans: CAT Percentage Questions are an important topic for candidates preparing for the CAT because, each year, 1-2 questions are based on percentages.

Q2. Are questions from past years repeated in the CAT?

Ans: Top MBA tests including the CAT, SNAP, CMAT, and NMAT may not directly repeat problems from prior years. MBA test questions are renowned for constantly changing in response to shifting economic conditions.

Q3. Is CAT concerned with profit and loss?

Ans: Based on past year’s patterns, the CAT exam places 70% of its weight on arithmetic and algebra. Profit and Loss is a significant subject covered in the Arithmetic section of the CAT exam’s QA segment. To get ready for the CAT, candidates must master a few formulas related to profit and loss.

This was all about the previous year CAT questions on percentage. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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