CAT Algebra Formulas: Check Weightage & Questions

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CAT Algebra Formulas

CAT Algebra Formulas: The CAT Algebra questions come under the CAT quantitative aptitude section and are an important part of the examination. This section consists of various concepts, such as the range of inequalities, modulus functions, and possible solutions to name a few. The topic also involves linear and quadratic equations, finding roots, polynomials, and many more. So, one can expect 2-3 algebraic questions from either of these topics in the CAT examination. If you wish to know more about CAT algebra formulas, continue reading this blog. 

All About CAT

What are CAT Algebra Questions?

As discussed above, Algebra questions in CAT are important and come under the Quantitative Ability section. Infact, the maximum number of quantitative questions are from Algebra and Arithmetic in the aptitude test. Resultantly, this section is considered to be one of the highest-scoring. Speaking of the difficulty level of this section, CAT Algebra questions ask for a lot of calculations and mastery over quantitative formulas, thus, it scales between moderate to difficult level

For all those wondering, the Algebra section tests the candidates’ knowledge of linear and quadratic equations, logarithms, algebraic entities, etc. Here are the major topics that will be covered in the CAT quantitative aptitude section:

Important CAT Algebra Formulas for Preparation

To prepare for the CAT exam, the candidate needs to learn all the formulas by heart which will help them in solving all the questions. Here are some important algebraic formulas which will help you solve all the questions in the CAT exam. 

Linear Equation Formulas

Standard Formax + by = c

Quadratic Equation Formulas

Quadratic Formulax=-b±b2−4ac2a

Arithmetic Progression (AP)

General TermAn = a1 + (n – 1) d
Sum of first n TermsSn = n[2a+(n-1)d]/2

Geometric Progression (GP)

General TermAn = ar(n-1)
Sum of first n TermsIf r 1: Sn = a(rn – 1)r-1
If r = 1: S= na

Logarithms Formula 

loga (xy) = loga x + logay
loga(x/y) = loga x – logay
logx x = 1
Loga1 = 0
loga(xn) = n(loga x)
Logax = 1/(logx a)
Logax = (logbx)/(logba) = (log x)/(log a)

Exponents Formula

a0 = 1
am an = am + n
am/an = am – n
(am)n = amn

Number Properties

a2 – b2(a – b)(a + b)
(a + b)2a2 + 2ab + b2
(a – b)2a2 – 2ab + b2
a2 + b2(a + b)2 – 2ab
(a + b + c)2a2 + b2 + c2 + 2ab + 2bc + 2ca
(a – b – c)2a2 + b2 + c2 – 2ab + 2bc – 2ca
(a + b)3a3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 + b3 ; (a + b)3 = a3 + b3 + 3ab(a + b)
(a – b)3a3 – 3a2b + 3ab2 – b3 ; (a – b)3 = a3 – b3 – 3ab(a – b)
a3 – b3(a – b)(a2 + ab + b2)
a3 + b3(a + b)(a2 – ab + b2)
(a + b)4a4 + 4a3b + 6a2b2 + 4ab3 + b4
(a – b)4a4 – 4a3b + 6a2b2 – 4ab3 + b4
a4 – b4(a – b)(a + b)(a2 + b2)
a5– b5(a – b)(a4 + a3b + a2b2 + ab3 + b4)

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CAT Algebra Questions Weightage

When preparing for CAT Algebra questions, candidates must know how many questions they should practice from each topic. By looking at the weightage, all candidates will get an idea about how many questions will be asked from each topic under the Algebra section. 

SlotsNumber of Questions (Approx)
Slot 17 Questions
Slot 29 Questions
Slot 36 Questions

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CAT Algebra Questions for Practice

Here are some algebraic questions for CAT which will help you test your knowledge:

Algebra Questions for CAT
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What is Algebra in the CAT exam?

In the CAT exam, the algebra section includes questions on topics such as linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, functions, graphs, progressions etc. 

Is CAT maths hard?

The level of CAT maths ranges from moderate to difficult. However, sometimes the level can be easy as well.

Can I crack the CAT without Maths?

The level of maths in the CAT exam is that of Class 10 students. 

This was all about the CAT algebra formulas. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our Indian exams page.

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