Last Minute Preparation Tips For the CAT Exam

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Last Minute Preparation Tips For CAT

Common Admission Test(CAT) is one of the toughest management exams in India so it is important to understand the last-minute preparation tips for it. With thousands of students taking this exam every year, one should have strong preparation. It is expected that the CAT exam 2024 is likely to be held in November. It is important to understand the exam better as the mindset of the candidates should be to clear it. Additionally, if you score well in the CAT exam then you can get a chance to get admission in some of the prestigious IIMs. In this blog, we will discuss some last-minute preparation tips for the CAT exam that will help you during the exam.

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CAT Exam Last-Minute Preparation Tips

The last few days before the CAT exam are very crucial for the candidates as they can get additional marks during the period. It is important to keep remembering the concepts, formulas, tips and tricks before going for the examination. Here, are some of the last-minute preparation tips for the CAT exam that you can follow.

Solve the Mock Tests

The mock test is an important thing that you can do to test your preparations. They help you to understand the latest exam pattern and timings for the examination. While attempting the mock test keep in mind the timings that you are taking to solve each section. Additionally, candidates should create an examination hall-like environment while attempting the test to gain experience before the CAT exam. 

Proper Sleep

Taking proper sleep before the exam is very important as it helps you comfortably attempt it. It is important to study by giving proper time for rest and naps before the examination. Complete all your preparations before the time and sleep well one day before the examination. Wake up early in the morning by setting an alarm clock so to revise important formulas, tricks, tips, notes etc.

Avoid Studying New Topics

When there are few days left for the CAT exam then one must avoid taking new topics to study as it will only create confusion. Choosing a whole new topic can make you forget it as there is not enough time for revision. Candidates can choose the topics which they know best and revise them properly. After completing the CAT syllabus for preparations students can practice the questions well. 

Proper Revision

Giving proper time for revision during the last few days is a thing that candidates can do as it helps them to remember the concept properly. Revise the notes that contain important formulas, concepts, tips and tricks. You should solve questions by properly applying the formulas and different tricks in them. 

Managing Time Effectively

In the CAT exam, you have to solve 66 questions in 120 minutes so managing time effectively is the key. There are some questions which can be lengthy so practice them well and try to understand how to solve them properly. Set the timer under which you should try to solve as many questions of the examination.

Maintain the Speed and Accuracy

Maintaining speed and accuracy during the CAT exam is important as it can help you in scoring well during the examination. Accurately solving the questions will help you gain more marks. Additionally, candidates must also maintain their speed by giving proper time to each question they know well. Attempt each question by not going too fast or slow but solving the questions with patience and understanding.

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CAT Exam Pattern

Knowing about the CAT exam pattern keeps you one step ahead in the examination. The CAT exam is conducted in the CBT mode and consists of MCQ-based questions. IIMs authorize the CAT exam pattern through which you can understand how to move forward in the examination. You can check the CAT exam pattern in the table given below:

SectionNo. of QuestionsDuration
Quantitative Ability (QA)2240
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)2440
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI & LR)2040

Keep in mind that each question is of 3 marks so the CAT exam is of 198 marks. 

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Section-wise Last Minute Preparation Tips For the CAT Exam

Three sections in the CAT exam are Quantitative ability, VARC and DILR. All three sections consist of different types of questions so each requires a different strategy for solving. Let’s discuss the last-minute preparation tips for the CAT exam for each section.

Quantitative Ability(QA)

The section is the most difficult one in the CAT exam so you have better speed and accuracy to crack it. There are mostly conceptual questions in it is important to make yourself better in each topic by proper practice. Prepare each topic well by taking the best books for the Quantitative Ability sections which should have enough questions to solve. Additionally, learn the formulas, tricks and strategies required to solve the questions. 

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

The section has a mix of questions from English grammar, and Reading comprehension. It is crucial to read on various topics on which passage can come. Read the newspapers, novels, and magazines to improve your vocabulary and get to know about new words. Practice the VARC topic for CAT and use different ways to solve questions related to it.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning(DILR)

DILR is an important section that can be divided into two sub-sections that are Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. The data interpretation preparation whose questions consists of tables, charts, diagrams, bar charts etc. It is important to analyze the data and solve the questions using different mathematical formulas. On the other hand, the logical reasoning part requires proper practice along with solving questions using logical ability.

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What are the important last-minute preparation tips for the CAT exam?

Some of the important last-minute preparation tips for the CAT exam are to develop a strategy and prepare according to it. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare according to them. 

How to get into IIM by preparing for CAT in one month?

Learn by properly following the studying concepts and practice a test-solving strategy where you can solve the questions on different topics. The candidate must aim to get at least 90% questions right with accuracy. 

What should be the strategy for the last week of the CAT Exam? 

Revise the topics that you have prepared and understand well as it will help you solve the questions properly. The last week of the CAT exam is very crucial so you should do proper revision and solve mock tests. 

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