30+ Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT with Answers (Download Mock Test PDF)

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Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT

The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2024 will be tentatively held in November 2024. The examination consists of mainly three main sections Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) Quantitative Ability (QA). VARC section comprises Reading Comprehension, which has around 18 questions. Candidates are required to prepare for the section diligently as this section examines one’s comprehension skills. Continue reading the blog post below and uncover more about Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT with answers to ace your test.

Reading Comprehension Questions for CAT 2024

The table below shows the type of reading comprehension questions for CAT 2024. 

Types of Reading Comprehension-Based QuestionsExpected Number of QuestionsKey Features
Fact Verification Questions1-2Choosing the correct answer as expressed by the author.
Opposite Meaning Questions2-3Picking the opposite word/phrase as used in the passage
Thought Based Questions1-2Summary of the idea/concept expressed in the given passage.
Reasoning Questions2-3Assumption, Thought-Based, Statement, Inference

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Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT with Answers (Free Mock Test Download PDF)

Download Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT with answers here!!

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Types of Reading Comprehension Questions in CAT

Mentioned below is the detailed analysis of the types of reading comprehension questions for CAT exam: 

Idea Based Questions

These types of questions mainly give an idea, overview, or subject of the given reading comprehension passages for CAT. Wondering how to solve the main idea-based questions? A few things to keep in mind are what is the main idea/purpose and its concept. Lastly, find out which of the options implies the correct answer to the passage. 

Title Based RC Questions

In these title-based RC questions, candidates have to identify the appropriate title for the passage. Candidate has to select from the options given below, that suits appropriately as per the given passage.

Inference-Based RC Questions

These types of questions are difficult as compared to the rest of the Reading Comprehension section. Candidates are advised to read the given passage more carefully before choosing the correct answer. 

Fact Based Questions

In these fact-based questions, one has to choose the correct answer as per the passage. Generally speaking, for these fact-based questions one needs to answer logical or inferential facts. 

Vocabulary Based Questions

These vocabulary questions are based on synonyms and antonyms. They are most asked in the Reading Comprehension section. 

Tone Based Questions

In these tone-based questions, one has to identify the attitude/tone of the passage. Candidates will be given multiple options to choose and find the correct answer as per the passage’s intent/tone/concept. 

Paragraph and Structure-Based Questions

In these questions, candidates need to analyze both intuitive and logical sense. One has to go through the entire passage attentively without missing out on any logical and intuitive information. 

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Section Wise Analysis of Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension section in VARC examines the candidate’s ability to understand. The RC section is the first one to be attempted in the CAT exam. Check the table given below to understand more about the Reading Comprehension section in VARC. 

Particulars Details
No. of RC Passages5
No. of Questions Based on RC18
Types of RC Passages2 Short Passage3 Long Passage
Difficulty Level Moderate to High
Marks for Each Correct Answer3
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer-1
Sectional Time Limit40 Minutes
Total VARC Questions26

Tips to Solve the Reading Comprehension Questions 

The reading comprehension section needs a lot of practice and dedication if one wants to score well in the examination. Some basic tips to solve the questions more effectively are listed briefly below for your easy reference. 

  • Practise as many RC passages as possible from the previous year’s CAT exam. 
  • Reading articles, short-form blogs, newspapers etc will help you improve your vocabulary. 
  • Practise as many mock test questions as you can to improve your understanding of RC passages.
  • Refer to the best books for CAT as recommended by toppers and experts. 

Best Books for CAT as per Experts

Refer to the table given below for your easy reference.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning for the CATBy Nishit K. Sinha
How to Prepare Yourself for CAT Data InterpretationBy Arun Sharma
How to Prepare for CAT Logical ReasoningBy Arun Sharma
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CATSharma and Upadhyay
Data Interpretation & Logical ReasoningBy Gautam Puri

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Source: Ananata Chhajer


For my CAT Reading Comprehension, what should I read?

Newspapers like The Hindu, Economic Times, Times of India, Economist, etc. are available for you to read.

How can I strengthen my comprehension of reading for the CAT exam?

Reading a range of materials, actively participating in the text, reducing subvocalisation and regressions, lengthening eye span, previewing the passage, concentrating on keywords, practising speed reading techniques, taking regular breaks, and rehearsing mock exams are some strategies to improve these skills.

Where can I practise CAT Reading Comprehension?

Diverse reading can help with CAT RC preparation. Newspapers are a good place to start since they use more straightforward language as compared to long-form blogs/articles

This was all about the CAT topper’s recommended books. For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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