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Hello! I am Professor Owl 🦉. Today I will guide you through some guidelines you need to follow on the day of your examination. Follow these guidelines to avoid any hassle on that day. Ready? Let’s Dive in.

JEE Main is a national-level exam that is basically conducted to get potential students into engineering colleges. It is an essential exam as lakhs of students take this examination just to get into their dream college. Today, I will tell you some do’s and don’ts to follow at the examination center.

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Essential Things to Carry at the Examination Center

  • You must visit the exam center one day before the actual examination day. It will help you to get familiar with the distance and the location of the center.
  • Make sure that you write your name and roll number at the top of your answer sheet and return those answer sheets to the authorized person before taking leave from the examination hall.
  • Make sure you follow the same instructions to fill in the attendance sheet.
  • Calm yourself as it is said by a wise that “Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax”.
  • Believe in yourself and attempt the answers with utmost confidence and a stress-free mind.   
  • If you belong to the PwD reservation, carrying a PwD certificate and ID proof becomes a must.

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Next, I will be stating some covid guidelines you need to follow. Make sure you strictly adhere to these guidelines.

Specific Covid Guidelines – JEE Exam Center

  • If your body temperature is higher than the specific COVID norms then you will be required to take the exam in a separate room.
  • Make sure you wear the mask throughout your examination.
  • Maintain a 6 feet distance between you and other people.

Dress Code – JEE Exam Center

  • There should not be any metallic item in the dress you are wearing.
  • Any piece of jewelry, watch, or any ornaments is not allowed in the examination center.
  • Clothes that have large buttons and broaches are not allowed into the examination.
  • You are required to cover the clothes that will cover your arms and legs.

If you are a diabetic student you can carry basic eatables including sugar, tablets, fruits, and a transparent water bottle. Except this, you cannot carry any packed food into the examination hall.

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Is it mandatory to follow the exam guidelines?

Yes, it is very important to follow the exam guidelines strictly.

Can I carry my own stationery to the examination hall?

No stationary will be provided in the examination room.

What is the dress code for JEE Main 2023?

Wearing normal clothes without any metallic stuff is recommended for the examination.

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