How to Prepare for IPMAT Exam 2024: A Guide to Success

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How to Prepare for IPMAT

How to prepare for IPMAT exam 2024: The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) driven by the Indian Institute of Management, is opening the gates to one of the most prestigious management programs in India. Aspirants who desire to crack the IPMAT require dedicated preparation, strategic planning, and a clear understanding of the exam pattern. In this blog post, we will deliver the key aspects of how to prepare for the IPMAT 2024 test helping you navigate the challenges, and securing a coveted seat in this esteemed institution.

How to Prepare for IPMAT Exam 2024? – WAT and PI Round

Here are a few steps that students should follow while they are preparing for IPMAT 2024:

Creating a Balanced Study Plan

A systematic study plan is the backbone of successful exam preparation. The study plan must be balanced to ensure fair time is delivered to Grade XII preparations and IPMAT preparations. Students should start by assessing their strengths and weaknesses in each subject. Dedicate more time to areas where they feel less confident while ensuring that they maintain and improve their strengths.

Utilising Resources

Courseware is finished in terms of the variety and quantity of questions that need to be solved to learn the concepts. Get started by watching the pre-class videos to reinforce the basics, then go to class exercises, move on to practice exercises, attempt the tests per chapter and finally attempt the module tests at the end of each module. If students follow this practice surely they will have a proper all-round preparation for all three subjects. Also, solve previous years’ question papers to comprehend the exam pattern and recognise common question types.

Practising Mock Test

Mock tests are an essential part of how to prepare for IPMAT. They simulate the actual exam environment and help you evaluate your performance under the constraints of time. The mock test is not about putting pressure on you. Instead, it is a chance for students to see how much they have grown and what areas they might need to focus on a little more.

Build Mental Endurance

Habituating the brain to be active and at its peak till the 120 minutes of the exam. This is quite crucial as students tend to become mentally tired after attempting 1 or 2 sections. Mental endurance enables students to tackle difficult questions, persevere through adversity and overcome obstacles with grace and determination.

Implementing Test-Taking Strategies

Mocks are the best playground to test various test-taking strategies. Write enough mocks so that the different strategies are not only experimented with but the right one is also mastered. Test-taking strategies are techniques and approaches that students can use to effectively tackle various types of questions and manage their time wisely during tests.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Students must evaluate themselves under various test conditions to choose the chapters/subjects they are good at or the chapters/subjects they must work on. It involves students to recognizing both the areas where we excel and those where we may need improvement.

Strengthening Conceptual Understanding

You can seek clarification for any doubts or concepts that you find challenging or unclear. Take help from your Mentor and get expert guidance. A solid conceptual foundation will not only assist you in solving problems fast but also in approaching unfamiliar questions with confidence.

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Understanding the IPMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The first step towards your victory in any competitive exam is a thorough learning of its pattern and structure. The IPMAT Indore exam is divided into three sections: Quantitative Ability MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), Quantitative Ability (Short Answers), and Verbal Ability (VA). Aspirants must excel in all the sections to secure a high overall score. The Quantitative Ability section wants candidates should be proficient in mathematics, including topics such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics and Numbers. On the other side, the Verbal Ability section considers language comprehension and proficiency in English grammar along with Vocabulary. Per section has a time limit of 40 minutes, highlighting the importance of time management during the exam.

SectionNo. of questionsDuration
Quantitative Ability (SA)1540 minutes
Quantitative Ability (MCQ)3040 minutes
Verbal Ability4540 minutes
Total90120 minutes

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What IPMAT exam stand for?

IPMAT (IPM Aptitude Test) is the entrance exam cleared for admission to 5-year Integrated BBA + MBA Program in Management. The exam will be conducted on May 23, 2024.

Is the IPMAT exam considered equivalent to an MBA?

IPM is a unique 5-year course that consists of BBA and MBA studies. It offers students two degrees in one program right after they finish 12th grade. Entrance exam: To get into IPM, students take the IPMAT exam. They do not need to take extra exams like CAT for the MBA part.

Is an MBA in IIM easy?

Academically an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad is extremely grueling. There is a lot to read, a lot to do, and have very little time on hand.

This was all about how to prepare for IPMAT 2024 (IIM Indore). For more informative blogs, check out our Management Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page of Leverage Edu.

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