Important List of Sports Cups and Trophies

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Important List of Sports Cups and Trophies

In the exciting world of sports, winning is more than just getting to the finish line first or making the game-winning shot. It’s about making history and winning a prize that is highly sought after and represents the highest level of success. The shiny cups and awards that winners proudly display are more than just things to show off. They are strong signs of loyalty, victory, and a memory that goes beyond the noise of the crowd. In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the most important sports cups and trophies from a wide range of sports. Keep reading to learn more about the awards that spark emotion, inspire generations, and forever mark sports winners.

Sports Cups and Trophies – National & International

There are numerous prestigious sports cups and trophies awarded at both the national and international level. Here is the list of some of the most famous Sports cups and trophies.

International Sports Cups and Trophies

In the world of sports, there are many important events that end with the presentation of famous awards.  There is a lot of value in these awards because they are the highest honors in their sports. The following table lists some of the most prestigious international sports cups and prizes, along with the sport they honor and the year they were first given out.

Cups And TrophiesRelated SportsFounded in the Year
American CupYacht Racing1851
The AshesTest Crickets (England & Australia)1882
Colombo CupFootball (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka And Myanmar)1952
Corbillon CupWorld Table Tennis (Women)1933
Davis CupTennis (Men)1900
Lord Derby CupRugby1934
Billi Jean King CupTennis (Women)1963
Holker TrophyBridge1936
Jules Rimet TrophyWorld Football (Soccer)1930
Merdeka CupFootball (Asian Cup)1957
Ryder CupGolf (Men)1927
Solheim CupGolf (Women)1990
Sudirman CupBadminton1989
Sultan Azlan Shah CupField Hockey (Men)1983
Swaythling CupWorld Table Tennis (Men)1926
Thomas CupBadminton (Men)1949
Tunku Abdul Rahman CupAsian BadmintonNone
U Thant CupLawn TennisNone
Uber CupBadminton (Women)1957
Yonex CupBadminton1946
Walker CupGolf1922
Wightman CupTennis (Women)1923
William Jones CupBasketball1975
Wimbledon TrophyTennis1877
Prudential World CupCricket1975
  • International sports cups and trophies hold immense historical significance. Some, like the America’s Cup (1851) and Wimbledon Trophy (1877).
  • These trophies represent the pinnacle of achievement in a sport across nations. Winning the FIFA World Cup (established 1930), for instance, signifies global dominance in football (soccer).
  • Many cups involve international competitions, fostering a spirit of challenge and rivalry between countries.
  • An increasing number of trophies recognize excellence in women’s sports.
  • The Jules Rimet Trophy (FIFA World Cup, 1930-1970) was eventually retired and replaced by the current FIFA World Cup Trophy.

National Sports Trophies and Cups 

India has a long history of sports, and one important part of that history is the collection of famous cups and trophies given to winners in many different sports.  The winners of these prizes are honored, and they serve as an inspiration to players of the future. In this table, you can see some of the most important Indian sports cups and prizes, along with the sport they honor and the year they were created.

Sports Cup And TrophiesRelated SportsFounded in the Year
Beighton CupHockey1895
Dhyan Chand AwardLifetime Achievement (All Sports)2002
B. C Roy TrophyFootball (National Junior)1962
Deodhar TrophyCricket1973
Durand CupFootball1888
Duleep TrophyFirst Class Cricket1961
Ezra CupPolo1880
Guru Nanak Dev Gold CupHockey1979
Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold CupHockey1978
Murugappa Gold CupHockey1901
Nehru TrophyBoat Race1952
Nizam Gold CupHorse Racing1886
Rangaswami CupHockey (National Championship)1928
Ranji TrophyCricket (National Championship)1934
Rovers CupFootball (Abolished)1890-2001
Santosh TrophyFootball1941
Sheesh Mahal TrophyCricket1951
Subroto Mukherjee CupFootball1960
Vijay Hazare TrophyCricket2002-03
Vizzy TrophyCricket1970s
Yadavindra CupHockey

National sports trophies and cups hold a special significance within a country’s sporting landscape. Here are some key facts to consider.

  • Winning a national trophy signifies dominance within a particular sport at the domestic level. The Ranji Trophy in India (Cricket) or the Stanley Cup in North America (Ice Hockey) are prime examples.
  • Many national trophies have long and storied histories, becoming ingrained in a nation’s sporting culture.
  • Competing for national trophies often serves as a stepping stone for athletes, nurturing future stars who may go on to achieve international success.
  • National trophies exist across a wide range of sports, reflecting the popularity of different athletic disciplines within a country. From boat racing (Nehru Trophy, India) to horse racing (Nizam Gold Cup

Sample Questions – Sports Cups And Trophies

Here are some questions to test your knowledge on sports cups and trophies, combining national and international levels.

  1. Which sport is awarded the Wimbledon Trophy?
  • Answer: Tennis
  1. What is the name of the current trophy awarded to the winner of the FIFA World Cup?
  • Answer: FIFA World Cup Trophy
  1. Which trophy is the oldest professional sports trophy in North America?
  • Answer: Stanley Cup (Ice Hockey)
  1. What is the significance of the Dhyan Chand Award in India?
  • Answer: Lifetime Achievement Award in Indian Sports
  1. Which international cup is named after a woman?
  • Answer: Billie Jean King Cup (Tennis)


What is the most important trophy in all of sports?

Stanley Cup is the most important trophy in all of sports

What are the important cricket cups and trophies?

Cricket Ashes Cup, Asia Cup, C.K. Naidu Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Gavaskar Border Trophy, G.D.

What is the oldest cup in the world?

The Carlisle Bells are the oldest sports trophies in the world. They are horse racing awards that were first given out by Elizabeth I in 1559 and 1599.

The Carlisle Bells are the oldest sports trophies in the world. They are horse racing awards that were first given out by Elizabeth I in 1559 and 1599.

The World Cup, also known as “Victory” or “Cup du Monde,” was changed in 1946 to honor Jules Rimet, who was President of FIFA in 1929 and called for the game to begin.

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