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CTET Mock Tests and Sample Papers

How to Become a Teacher? The Central Teacher Eligibility Test abbreviated as CTET, is the first step on your way to a successful and happy job as a teacher.  Using CTET Sample Papers and  CTET mock test in preparation for this teacher exam will offer you an edge over other applicants. Aspirants may study the CTET Sample Paper /CTET Mock test to understand better the exam’s format, the questions that may be asked, and the degree of difficulty. Read this blog post to understand a complete picture of the CTET exam, with useful tips and official CTET sample papers for 2023 to help you reach your goals.

Particulars Details
Exam NameCTET
Full FormCentral Teacher Eligibility Test
Exam AuthorityCentral Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)
Exam FrequencyTwice a year (Usually July and December)
Exam PatternComputer Based test with MCQs
Number of Papers2 (Test Paper 1 and Paper 2)
Number of Questions per paper150
Official Website

What is the CTET Exam?

The purpose of the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, or CTET for short, is to find qualified applicants who can instruct students in primary and secondary education, specifically in classes I through VIII. The test is conducted twice a year.

It is a means of applying for teaching positions in government schools throughout India. Furthermore, the CTET certificate is valid for seven years, giving you plenty of time to find a teaching job. Some private schools also consider CTET scores as a criterion for selecting candidates.

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CTET Exam Structure

The CTET exam is the entrance exam to becoming a teacher, and grasping its format is the first thing you need to do well on it. Let us look into the structure of the CTET exam and give you the information about all you need to know.

The CTET exam is divided into two papers:

  1. Paper 1: For teachers of Class 1 to Class 5 (Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1 (Hindi/English), Mathematics, and Social Science).
  2. Paper 2: For teachers of Class 6 to Class 8 (Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1 (Hindi/English), Mathematics, and Social Science/Science).

There are a total of 150 multiple choice questions (MCQs) in each test, and the total time allotted for the paper is two hours and thirty minutes(2hr 30min.).

CTET Exam Eligibility Criteria

CBSE has specified some eligibility requirements for aspirants who want to appear for the CTET exam 2024. Here are some general CTET Eligibility Criteria that you need to fulfill while applying for the exam.

  • Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a regionally accredited university.
  • For B.Ed. graduates, the minimum qualifying marks are 50% in the aggregate.
  • There are no age restrictions for appearing in the CTET.

CTET Exam Sample Paper 2023

The CTET exam is like a difficult peak that you need to solve, and practice questions are like thorough plans and strong advantages that will help you do it. This is why these CTET sample papers are so important for getting over your fear of exams.Here we have provided the sample papers: 

CTET Exam Sample Paper 1 PDFDirect Download Here
CTET Exam Sample Paper 2 PDF Direct Download Here

Tips To Solve CTET Exam Sample Paper

Mock tests, question banks, and sample papers are one of the best CTET last-minute preparation tips to perform well in the exam.With these easy-to-follow tips, it will be easy to do best in the CTET sample papers.

  • Get to know the CTET syllabus for both paper 1 and paper 2 very well. 
  • You should get NCERT books, CTET guides, and most importantly, practice questions.
  • You can use these CTET sample papers as a tool or download approved tests from the above section.
  • Do not waste your time if you do not understand a question. Take a note of it to look over later and move on to the next one.
  • Try to spend more time on the more important parts.
  • If you still have time, look over questions you’ve already marked with fresh eyes.

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CTET Mock Test Free PDFs for Practice

CTET mock tests are indispensable tools for your preparation. They provide a glimpse into the real exam environment, allowing you to become familiar with question formats and time constraints. Moreover, they help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted study. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect,” and mock tests are your stepping stones to perfection in CTET. Just like we promised here are 2 absolutely free CTET Mock tests for you:

CTET Exam Mock Paper 1 PDFClick Here
CTET Exam Mock Paper 2 PDFClick Here
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Is CTET an easy exam?

The level of difficulty is relative, but the CTET takes a lot of hard work to prepare and knowledge of many different subjects.

How can I clear my CTET exam on the first attempt?

To pass the CTET exam on the first attempt, you need to know a lot about the course syllabus, keep practicing with sample questions, and know how to use your time well during the exam.

Does CTET repeat questions? 

CTET exam doesn’t repeat exact questions, but fundamental ideas and subjects are often covered again.

Which is the best site for CTET mock test?

The official CTET website ( is one of the best sites for CTET mock tests. It provides official and credible mock tests to help you prepare effectively.

Which is the best free mock test app for CTET exam?

There are several free apps on Google PlayStore for CTET mock tests, including “CTET Exam Preparation” and “CTET Mock Test.” You may go ahead and search for the same.

Are there any recommended books for CTET mock tests?

Yes, there are popular CTET preparation books like “CTET Success Master Paper-I” and “CTET Success Master Paper-II” by Arihant Publications. These books include mock tests and practice questions to aid your CTET exam preparation.

This was all about the “CTET Mock Test and CTET Sample Paper”. For more such informative blogs, check out our Teaching Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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