How to Prepare for Public Administration Optional UPSC 🎯 Step-by-Step Guide!

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How to Prepare for Public Administration Optional UPSC

Do you know How Many UPSC Aspirants Selected Every Year? Choosing a good optional subject plays a very bug role in your chance for clearing the UPSC CSE Exam. Public Administration is an obvious choice for UPSC aspirants when it comes to optional subjects. The subject offers a very high success rate and is an extremely scoring subject. Furthermore, there is a lot of overlap between the subject and the GS Papers, which saves candidates a lot of time and effort.

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Is Public Administration a Good Optional for UPSC? 💯

Public Administration is indeed an optional subject for the UPSC exam due to several reasons

🎯 Scoring – Public Administration has a proven track record of high scores and success rates.

🎯 Overlap with General Studies Papers – There is a lot of overlap between the subject and the GS Papers, which saves candidates a lot of time and effort. 

🎯 Relevance to your role as an IAS Officer – A good understanding of this subject will assist you in relating to your job role, performing your functions, and solving problems in your administration.

🎯 Availability of Study Material – A lot of study material is available for public administration, including books, notes, and various online resources.

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UPSC Public Administration Optional Syllabus 📚

The UPSC Public Administration Optional Syllabus is divided into two papers:

Paper I

Administrative Theory

  • Evolution of administrative thought
  • Theories of administration
  • Administrative structures
  • Comparative administrative systems.

Administrative Law

  • Administrative ethics
  • Administrative reforms in India.

Organization theory

  • Organization behavior
  • Organizational structure
  • Design of organizational structures.

Paper II

Public Policy

  • Public policy formulation
  • Implementation of public policy
  • Evaluation of public policy

Financial Administration

  • Public budgeting
  • Public accounting
  • Public debt.

Human Resource Management

  • Human resource management in public sector
  • Training and development
  • Performance appraisal
  • Employee motivation

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How to Start Preparing for Public Administration Optional UPSC 📑

1. Be Familiar with the Syllabus

To understand the syllabus students should read it carefully and Create a list of all the topics that you need to cover.

2. Get the Study Material 

Once you know the topics, start with getting the study material. A lot of books and notes are easily available, and you can also find online resources for Public Administration. Students should also consider attending coaching classes.

3. Make a Study Plan which is easy to follow 

Divide the syllabus into sections. Allocate specific times, for each topic. Remember to set time for reviewing and practising with questions.

4. Stick to Your Study Plan 

Avoid last-minute studying and instead stick to your study schedule. Consistency is the key to avoiding panic. 

5. Practise Previous Year Question Papers

One of the most effective study methods is to practice Previous Year Question Papers. A lot of past year question papers are available online.

Additional Tips for Preparing for Public Administration Optional UPSC

📌 Reading Newspapers and Magazines is Important 

It is important to read these to stay updated on current affairs and government policies which are frequently asked in the prelims and mains. 

📌 Take help or Join a Study Group

By Joining a study group students can be aware of the competition and also help you stay motivated and get more resources.

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