AWES PRT 2023 Personal Interview

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AWES PRT Personal Interview
AWES PRT Personal Interview

AWES PRT Personal Interview: A major and very crucial part of the AWES PRT Selection Process for recruitment is the AWES PRT Personal Interview. The Army Welfare Education Society conducts this interview as the second last stage of evaluation. The candidates who qualify from the interview round are called in for the Teaching Skill Test & Computer Proficiency Test. 

The personal interview is also an evaluation of the behavioural and management skills of the candidates along with their subject knowledge and confidence. So, it becomes important to explore and discuss such a crucial topic in detail.  

Exam NameArmy Welfare Education Society, Primary Teacher Exam
Conducting Body Army Welfare Education Society
Application Mode Online
Positions OfferedPrimary Teacher
Exam ModeOnline

AWES PRT Interview 2023

AWES releases an official notification for AWES PRT Interview Process after the results of the Online Screening Test are declared. The notification will be available on the school websites, local newspapers and notice boards. It contains information about the dates and vacancies for the AWES PRT Recruitment Process. 

Only those candidates who have cleared the exam are eligible to appear for the interview. The candidates also have to carry their scorecards to the interview round. Along with the notification for an interview, the Army Public Schools also declare the exact number of vacancies that are available for the year.

An extensive round of interviews is conducted by the board with each candidate to deduce their understanding of the subject along with their teaching aptitude. The candidates who have to appear for the interview round are informed through call, sms or email. So, all those expecting to clear the screening test must stay tuned to get the interview update.  

AWES PRT Interview Registration and Admit Card

All those who are eligible for the AWES PRT Interview have to register themselves again for the interview round. No candidates will be allowed to enter the centre if they fail to register for the interview in time. All the registered candidates will also receive an admit card that has to be downloaded from the official of AWES. These Admit Cards are to be brought to the centres on the day of the Interview.  

AWES PRT Interview Centres

The AWES PRT Interview Centres are decided by the AWES Army Public Schools. The information about the centre is also provided via call, sms or e-mail. Most APS Schools conduct the interview either on the school campus or in nearby areas. 

The interview centres will also depend on the availability of vacancies in a particular Army Public School. If there are no vacancies in a school there will be no interview in that interview centre. The number of interview centres will also keep changing accordingly. 

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AWES PRT Important Questions

To conduct the interview there is a panel of 3 to 4 members who will take the interview forward. The evaluation is basically about personal information and teaching aptitude which is evaluated on the basis of answering various questions. Here are some questions that can help one to start their preparation. 

  1. How would you describe yourself?

The best way to answer this question is to go with a humble approach instead of self-praise. One can talk about their strengths by mentioning their experiences and also their weakness along with ways to deal with them. 

  1. How would you describe the responsibilities of a school teacher?

The teacher must understand and portray that there is more to being a school teacher than imparting lessons. It includes the progress of children in academic and personal development, working on the strengths and weaknesses of the class and personally with each child. 

The candidate must be familiar with all the responsibilities and mention the ones they find most relevant. 

  1. What is the best way to deal with topics or lessons that are difficult to engage students with?

For any such questions, the best strategy is to answer with examples. One should remember that they are dealing with primary children and difficult topics here may just mean topics that are boring or difficult to engage students on. Try giving examples of activities and games that can be used to explain such topics.  

  1. How do you plan to deal with kids with uncooperative behaviour?

It is advisable to not rant about how difficult it is to deal with children. Instead, it is better to mention how one enjoys being with children and understanding their needs. As each child has their own needs and problems there is no universal solution to this problem but there is also nothing that a dedicated teacher cannot solve.   

How to be prepared for the AWES PRT Interview?

One can follow some really easy tricks and tips to crack the AWES PRT Interview. The interview is not only to test the candidate’s knowledge but also an indicator of other factors like behaviour, personality and dedication. Check out these preparation tips to crack AWES PRT Interview:

  1. Visit the institute beforehand to analyse the environment. 
  2. Dress smartly and accordingly. 
  3. Do not be late in any case
  4. Make sure to carry all necessary documents.
  5. Prepare some questions to ask about the school and culture.
  6. Be prepared with the answers to the most common questions.
  7. Don’t hesitate to ask again if a question is not clear instead ask pardon and request to repeat.
  8. Be confident and polite and make sure to include personal experiences in the interview answers. 


What are the questions asked in an interview for a PRT teacher?

The interview questions for the PRT position are generally based on the themes of aptitude for teaching and the personality of a candidate. Army Public School organises a panel for conducting the interview session and candidates must be prepared with some general questions like the roles and responsibilities of a teacher, how to deal with a difficult situation, who is an ideal teacher, etc.   

What is the selection process for Army Public School?

The selection process for Army Public School devised by the AWES involves a Written Screening Exam, an Interview, and an Evaluation of Teaching Skills & Computer Proficiency.

How do I prepare for a primary teaching interview?

There is a lot at play while going through the Primary Teacher interview, and the person should be ready to present the best of themselves. One can visit the institute beforehand, dress smartly, not be late, make sure to carry all necessary documents, prepare some questions to ask about the school and culture, be prepared with the answers to the most common questions and many more.  

This is how candidates can make the most of the AWES PRT interview. One last secret tip is to practice claiming exercises one week before the interview. This would help in building confidence and reducing anxiety. 

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