5 Benefits of Bar Council Registration in India

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Benefits of Bar Council Registration in India

Congratulations on finishing law school! It’s a major milestone that you should be proud of. Now, are you ready to take on the next challenge and become a registered advocate with the All India Bar Council? Imagine the thrill of being the Harvey Spector or Mike Ross of your legal world!

I know, I know, the thought of another exam and a pile of books might not be the most exciting thing. But trust me, if you’re looking for a sign to take the AIBE Exam, this is it! And to convince you further, I’ve got five great reasons why you should do it. So, hold on tight and read till the end, and then go register today – because this is your chance to shine!

Importance of AIBE Exam

Understanding the significance of the AIBE Exam (All India Bar Council Exam) is crucial. The Bar Council of India (BCI) conducts the AIBE, known as the All India Bar Examination, as a certification exam for aspirant legal professionals, following the successful completion of a 3- or 5-year LLB degree.

The All India Bar Examination (AIBE) verifies an advocate’s eligibility to practise law in India. The board evaluates fundamental skills to establish a minimum standard for entry into the legal profession. The test is conducted to determine whether aspirant legal professionals possess the required knowledge, skills, and aptitude for analytics and the law.

If a candidate clears the examination, the Bar Council of India awards them a “Certificate of Practice.” The AIBE is conducted in 40 Indian cities and in 11 different languages.

Become an Advocate in India

The first and very foremost benefit of Bar Council Registration in India is that you get a chance to become an advocate in India. It means that every person who has studied law and has a law degree, becomes a lawyer. Now, when these lawyers have registered themselves in the Bar Council of India, then they become advocates. This would mean now you are free to represent your clients in the courtroom. 

Now, let us move on to the second exciting advantage you get to enjoy as soon as you get Bar Council Registration in India.

Certificate of Practice (COP)

This is the second and most important part of registration in the Bar Council in India. When you complete the registration process, you get a Certificate of Practice (COP). It is a very beautiful and important document for advocates. This certificate will go on the wall of your law office.

Now, after getting the certificate of practice (COP), you can practice in any high court or lower court of India. However, please pay attention that the Supreme Court is not mentioned here. To practice Supreme Court you need to take the exam named Adovates on Record.

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Eligibility for Government Exams

The third advantage is that you become eligible for various entrance examinations. For example, if you want to prepare for the Judiciary examination and you want to become the Judge, then there is a criteria for it, that you must be registered with the Bar Council of India.

Further, if you want to prepare for the IBPS exam, which is again a very important examination. This exam is mainly to join in a Bank as a law officer. For this exam also the most important eligibility criteria is that you must be registered with the Bar Council of India.

Apart from this, registration with the Bar Council of India is important for various other entrance exams like JAG, and others.

BCI Welfare Scheme

This brings us to the fourth advantage, i.e. BCI welfare scheme, you get to enjoy various benefits under Bar Council of India welfare scheme. For example, you can get upto 5 lakhs of personal accidental insurance. Besides, this you also get up to 5 lakhs of life insurance. 

Suppose you get any serious diseases, in that case, also you will get a monetary benefit from Bar Council of India. However, this benefit will depend on this thing that how serious your disease actually is and you can give an application about it to the Bar council of India.

Use of Advocate’s Stickers

Now, let us come to the 5th and most interesting point. If you are a first-generation lawyer in your family, then you will definitely connect with this. So the 5 th benefit is that as you enroll yourself as an Advocate, after that you can start using advocate stickers on the back of your car.

So these are the 5 Benefits of Bar Council Registration in India. 

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What are the benefits of Bar Council Registration in India?

There are various benefits of Bar Council Registration in India, you can read about them in the above section of the article.

What is the role of Bar Council in India?

To lay down standards of professional conduct and etiquette for advocates.

What are the benefits of clearing AIBE exam?

Qualifying for AIBE will grant you the Certificate of Practice (CoP) which is essential to practice as an advocate in India.

This was all about the “5 Benefits of Bar Council Registration in India”.  For more such informative blogs, check out our Law Exams Section, or you can learn more about us by visiting our  Indian exams page.

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