What is Botany? Meaning, Importance and Branches

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The area of biology associated with the scientific study of plants is called botany.

The noun “botany” receives its origin from the adjective “botanic,” which originated from the Greek word “botane.” A “botanist” is a person who specialises in “botany.”

Botany is one of the ancient scientific disciplines in existence. Plants and creatures that seemed like plants, such as ferns,  lichens, fungi,  algae, and mosses, were included in the early definition. Later, it was found that bacteria, algae, and fungi all belong to different kingdoms.


Human survival depends on plants in many ways. They are utilised in many facets of daily life. Botany is particularly essential since it investigates the traits and applications of these plants.

The following points will help you understand the significance of botany:

  • The study of different plant species, their characteristics, and how they interact with health care, science, and cosmetics is known as botany.
  • Botany is necessary for the growth of biofuels used to replace fossil fuels, such as biomass and methane gas.
  • Since it assists farmers in increasing crop output by researching crops and the best growing techniques, botany plays a key role in economic productivity.
  • The study of plants is also essential for protecting the environment. Botanists have a good sense of when population numbers of plants are starting to fall and keep track of all the different plant species that exist on the earth.

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Different Branches

Different branches included in the study of plants are:

  • Plant Pathology

It is the study of the organisms and environmental factors that cause plant diseases, as well as the mechanisms by which they manifest and the measures used to control them.

  • Plant Ecology

Plant distribution, environmental effects on plants, and relationships among plants and other species are all studied in the field of plant ecology.

  • Palaeobotany

The field of botany known as paleobotany deals with recovering and identifying of plant fossils in order to investigate the evolution of plants.

  • Archaeobotany

It is the area where researchers investigate how people in times gone by utilised certain plants. Comprehending a plant also aids in understanding its historical uses for medicine and spirituality.

  • Forensic Botany

In order to ascertain the cause of death or where it occurred previously in order to examine legal or illegal cases, conflicts of law, or other issues, forensic botany is an investigation of plants and their constituents, such as pollen particles, seeds, and leaves.

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