What is the SI Unit of Resistance?

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What is the SI Unit of Resistance?

SI Unit of Resistance is Ohm, denoted as “Ω”. Such questions are part of government job exams. Having good knowledge of SI units can help you to get good marks in competitive exams. “Ohm” is the SI unit of resistance. According to science, when the potential difference is 1 volt and 1-ampere current flows through a conductor then the resistance of that conductor is equal to 1 Ohm.

What is the Definition of Resistance?

The electrical resistance of an electrical conductor is defined as the opposition to the passage of an electric current through that conductor. In easy words, resistance opposes the current flowing through a conductor.

What is the Symbol for Resistance?

The symbol of Resistance is “Ω” Ohm. It is symbolic by the Greek letter omega. On the name of a German Physicist Georg Simon Ohm. He studied the relationship between resistance, current and voltage.

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What is the Formula to Calculate Resistance?

The resistance Formula is R = V/I.

Where R= Resistance, V= Volt and I = Current

What is SI Unit?

Scientists across the world follow the International System of Units to measure different physical quantities. The International System of Units is the full form of the SI unit. This system is used to avoid confusion with the units.

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Physical Quantities and SI Units

Below, we have mentioned some physical quantities and their SI units including their symbol.

  1. SI unit of Length is Meter (m).
  2. SI unit of Mass is Kilogram (kg)
  3. SI unit of Time is Second (s)
  4. SI unit of Electric Current is Ampere (A)
  5. SI unit of Pressure is Pascal (Pa)
  6. SI unit of Force is Newton (N)
  7. SI unit of Temperature is Kelvin (K) 
  8. SI unit of displacement is metre (m).
  9. SI unit of Resistivity is Ohm (Ω)
  10. SI unit of distance is metre (m).


What is the SI Unit of Resistance?

SI Unit of Resistance is Ohm, denoted as Ω. Keep in mind that resistance and resistivity are two different things. The definition of resistance is the physical quantity we know to oppose the current flow in a substance. The electrical resistance of a conductor of unit cross-sectional area and unit length is the definition of Resistivity.


What is the SI Unit of Resistance?

According to the international system of units, Resistance can be measured in Ohm only. Resistance is a physical quantity.

What is the SI Unit of Force?

The SI unit of force is Newton. It is denoted as N.

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