What is the Full Form of a Computer?

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full form of Computer

The full form of a Computer is Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. It was first coined in the mid-20th century when computers were first developed. Originally, computers were only used for scientific and military research. However, with the advancement in technology and with time the usage of computers extended to other fields as well. A computer is the name technical given to machines to indicate their purpose of computing and processing large amounts of data. 

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How does a Computer work?

A computer is an electronic device that functions on a set of commands called software. The hardware of the computer includes several components including the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Random Access Memory (RAM) and Input-Output devices. When operating the computer. The user gives the instructions and the CPU processes it and also retrieves the required data from the RAM or HDD. Finally, the output is then displayed on the computer screen or through a speaker. 

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What are the Advantages of a Computer?

The following are the advantages of computers:

  • A computer can store large amounts of data and can compute the data at high speed 
  • The calculations made by computers are quite accurate with minimalistic chances of errors 
  • Computers have provided the ease of accessing information to users and utilising it for various purposes
  • Productivity has increased since the advent of the computer as it allows the user to multitask 
  • With the advent of the internet, the usage of computers has seen new horizons in various fields such as science, communication, computing etc

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