What is the TPP Full Form?

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TPP Full Form

The TPP full form is Thiamine Pyrophosphate. Thiamine or vitamin B is the first type of Vitamin B that was identified. The 3 types are vitamin B present in the cells include Free Thiamine, TPP or Thiamin Pyrophosphate, and TMP or Thiamine monophosphate. TPP plays an important role in terms of energy metabolism in all organisms. Metabolic activities such as the Krebs cycle, acetyl-CoA biosynthesis, amino acid biosynthesis, and Calvin cycle all require TPP. Vitamin B1 is a colorless vitamin that is water-soluble. It can only be produced by plants and microorganisms and is an essential nutrient for humans.

Role of TPP in Plants and Animals 

TPP plays an important role in plants and animals. It is present in plants (leaves, fruits, flowers, etc) and is essential for metabolic activities. TPP regulates a plant’s primary regulatory system. In terms of animals, TPP is available by consuming different food items such as meat and whole grains. The important functions of TPP in animals are as follows:

  • TPP is essential for development and growth 
  • It is important for the metabolism of fat, glucose, and carbohydrate
  • It plays an important role in the central and peripheral nerve cells
  • TPP is essential for the proper working of the myocardium or the heart muscles

Effects and Symptoms of TPP Deficiency 

A TPP deficiency in animals is due to a lack of Thiamin pyrophosphate. TPP deficiency can result in degeneration of the cerebellum, thalamus, and peripheral nerves.  Moreover, it can result in heart dilation, swelling, and fragmentation of muscle fibers. Eventually, it can result in heart failure. The following are the symptoms of TPP deficiency:

  • Poor memory, fatigue, and anorexia
  • Disturbed sleep, irritability, and abnormal discomfort
  • Muscle cramps, burning/pain in the feet, and tenderness of calf muscles are all symptoms of dry beriberi.

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Thiamin Pyrophosphate/TPP can be given orally, IM and IV. The full form of TPP is 

Thiamine Pyrophosphate. To discover more full-form articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu

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