Facts About Doraemon That Will Take You To Your Childhood

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“Hai bada pyara, dost humara, pyara Doraemon” (our friend Doraemon is so sweet) is the first thing that comes to the mind before writing anything. Doraemon, a good friend of Nobita, and a blue earless cat-shaped robot is an animation of a Japanese Manga created by Hiroshi Fujimoto. Here we will have a look at all the facts about Doraemon. 

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What is a Manga?

The term Manga is derived from the Japanese word ‘Mangaka.’ The word Mangaka means a cartoonist or an artist of cartoons. This word is referred to both in the singular and plural sense. Doraemon was initially not a cartoon, it was a manga. 

Facts about Doraemon

  1. In 2023 summer, a bunch of divers found a Doraemon deep inside the sea with much similarity to the character portrayed for years. It blurred the line between fiction and reality. 
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  1. 129. KG is the real weight of Doraemon. 
  1. In most nations where the Doraemon series runs, they call it Doraemon, but in our neighboring country China, it is called Xiao Ding Dang.
  1. The earliest series of Doraemon in 1973 is very witty and dark. All the characters of this series are arrogant and rude. 

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  1. This fact about Doraemon might already be known to you. Doraemon has 4000 gadgets in his four-dimensional pocket. However, do you know that Nobita has already wasted 578 gadgets? 
  1. Doraemon has no ears. There is a reason he has no ears. Mice chewed the ears of this robotic cat. 
  1. Doraemon word is made of two words. ‘Dora’ means ‘Stray cat,’ and ‘emon’ means ‘Male.’
  1. The maximum power level of the Doraemon robot is 129.3 horsepower (HP). But Dorami is more powerful with 1000 HP. 
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  1. 129.3 is the magic number of Doraemon because his height, weight, speed, and power are 129.3 cm, 129.3 kg, 129.3 km/h, and 129.3 HP respectively. 
  1. Doraemon has a manufacturing code. It is MS 903. This is also the real name of the Doraemon robot. 
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  1. We all have seen the blue cute earles cat as Doraemon. But this fact about Doraemon will shock you. His original color is Yellow. 
  1. We are sure you must have wondered how Doraemon can hold things with his hands when they are round. It is because there is a technology of vacuum and adhesive that lets him hold things in his hand. 
  1. Doraemon and Dorami are real siblings. How? Both of them were born from the same tank. Dorami was born 2 years after the birth of Doraemon. 
  1. Doraemon came from the 22nd century to help the young boy Nobita Nobi. 
  1. His fact about Doraemon is very saddening and inspiring at the same time. He was a rejected toy by a factory that went on to become the childhood memory of almost every individual. At the of 16, this Japanese teenager died. 
  1. If considering the future date of Doraemon’s manufaturing, it is said that he would have been manufactured on 3 September 2112. 
  1. Artist Sonal Kaushal is the voice behind the Hindi voice of Doraemon. Refer to the below table for different characters and their dubbing artist. 
Character Name Dubbing Artist
Nobita NobiSimran Kaur
Nobita’s MotherPallavi Bharti
Nobitas Father Salim Khan
DekisugiPallavi Bharti
Shizuka MinamotoParul Bhatnagar
Takeshi “Gian” GodaDeepansh Kakkar
Suneo HonekawaWajahat Hasan
  1. The real owners of Doraemon and his sister Dorami are Sewashi Nobi, great-great-grandson of Nobita Nobi, and Shizuka Minamoto. 
  1. Doraemon was created in 1969 but it was published in 1970 and this is exactly when it went on to create the history. 

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  1. The last fact about Doraemon is that Nobita is a real-life character of a Japanese kid with Schizophrenia disease. A mental disorder that makes one think of stories in their mind and they cannot differentiate between real and fictional characters. He died at the age of sixteen. 

This is all about the facts about Doremon that you should know.

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We hope you like all the facts about Doraemon. For more such cartoon history and facts, visit animation archives! If you wish to study animation or become a cartoonist abroad, hop on to Leverage edu. 

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